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After MANY years as a breeder, I am at an age that I just can't do it all anymore.  As a result, I have reluctantly come to the decision that I must seriously downsize the herd.  A number of mares available that have never been priced before, as well as one of the Nation's top perlino stallions all looking for new pastures.

He's Got Designer Genes  (Cinch)
Perlino stallion      Color Genetics:  Ee/AA/nd1/CrCr
 GUARANTEED Buckskin or Palomino foals with non dilute mares

Cinch: High as #25 on TWHBEA's Sires List, listed nearly every year standing    $7500

(Travelers Moon Frost x Generatin Gold Knockout)      2012 Perlino stallion          15 hands

Cinch was bred in Montana,  where they use their Walkers on the ranch. He was raised in Missouri on another working ranch.  Cinch is a perlino with nice head shake and no pace.  He has superb conformation and a ground covering gait.  He has been colored tested at UC Davis as Ee/AA/nd1/CrCr.   His foals will always be buckskin or palomino when bred to non-dilute mares.  He also produces foals with dun characteristics such as a line back.  He is one of the last foals and is the only perlino son by Travelers Moon Frost.

Cinch has old time breeding.  He goes back to Roy Roger's Trigger Jr. twice on his sire's side (Allen's Gold Zephyr).  His dam's side goes back to the great horses The Pride Piper and Tennessee Goldust.

We are getting extrordinary individuals from this young stallion. He truly is one of kind.  Take a look at what he has already produced!

Color, gait, and disposition are a "Cinch" with Designer Genes!

Stud Fee:  $500 LCFG Standing until sold   Purchase:  $7500

Designer Sunset, Cinch x Pebbles (2).jpg
IMG_7153 (2).JPG

Miner's Final Magic
Foaled May 29, 2017                          TWH # 21702195                                 Buckskin Tovero
The Gold Miner x Star's Magic Shot     tested
Homozygous Tobiano  & frame overo gene too

Fee: $500

Finn Head L2.JPG

The LAST son of Supreme Natiobnal Versatility Champion The Gold Miner, and he saved one of the best for last.  Homozygous tobiano buckskin with a frame overo gene as well, Finn will guarantee you a spotted baby.  He has an outstanding, willing disposition and he WALKS!!  His babies are everything I had hoped for and more!

Bourbon With Blues

Homozygous Classic Roan  

Foaled Aug. 7, 2019        TWH # 21901270      He's Silky Blue x Blue Tunes     15.3H 

This super handsome young man is the total package.  Big, well bred, well built, super disposition, extremely talented and well gaited.  He is currently 15.3H and still growing.  BB could win a world class model class.  His pedigree reads like who's who of blues, including such horses as Indigo Blue, Pusher's Slew of Blue, McCurdy's Roan Lightning and Blues Man.  He is Silver Design and McCurdy on the bottom.  ALL FOUR grandparents are classic roan.  He loves attention and to learn new things.  He is quiet natured but more than willing to work.  He will both WALK and rack with a great hind end while doing the running walk.  

His 1st foal on the ground is a spectacular classic blue roan sabino (pictured below) and his 2nd crop is full of beautiful blues as well as buckskin and palomino roans.   BB is one special young stallion that can produce a phenomenal individual for you.

Stud Fee: $500  FCFG

IMG_9039 (2).JPG
IMG_9046 (3).JPG

He's Black Hills Gold (Buck)
Supreme National Versatility Champion

No longer standing to the public

Velvet Spirit F-88 x Tehitian Gold                                      1993 Buckskin Stallion


He's Black Hills Gold known as "Buck" is the First Buckskin stallion in the history of the Walking Horse to EVER earn the Supreme National Versatility Championship.

He is a dark metallic dappled buckskin with lots of talent and presence.  He has earned the TWHBEA High Point Championship in Western Riding (Pattern Class) and the TWHEBEA Reserve High Point Championship in Reining.  Most of his points in Reining were earned against AQHA's and Paints

Buck has earned TWHBEA National top 10 Awards in Model (halter), English Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Trail Obstacle, and Water Glass Class.  He has also won Super Horse High point awards.

Buck's foals usually have his athletic talent, deep striding hind end, and trainability.  They have his fantastic head and eyes, and often his golden coat.  Buck babies have won Futurities, many flat shod championships, and 2 of them are among the top perlino and cremello sires in the Nation.  They make fearless, super smooth trail companions

The Gold Miner 

Supreme Versatility Champion

In Loving Memory

April 30, 1994 - October 25, 2018

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that The Gold Miner is no longer with us.  He was the first Spotted TWH to ever earn the title of Supreme National Versatility Champion, and first in our hearts.  An outstanding show horse, sire, friend and all around individual.

Miner Model.jpg
Miner, Harness.jpg
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