Horses are listed oldest to youngest.

Mares and Fillies follow Geldings and Colts.

PLEASE note the deposit policy at the bottom of the page.

Geldings and Colts


Congratulations Cheryl Lindberg

Foaled 5/15/10       Missouri Foxtrotter        Been there, Done That gelding        $9500

Bryce HR.JPG
Bryce Bareback (2).jpg
Bryce HL1.JPG


2010    15 Hands    Spotted Saddle Horse     Seasoned Trail & Camping  Horse     $4500

Ron USL1.jpg
Ross L.JPG
Ross R.JPG
Ron USR1.jpg

Ross is an 11 year chestnut tobiano Spotted Saddle Horse/Tennessee Walking Horse gelding that stands 15.1 hands tall.  This boy is SUPER SMOOTH.

Ross has been a trail horse and back woods horse his whole life.  He has been on week long camping trips.  He is best suited for an intermediate rider as he has some energy, and he is willing to cover the ground.  He will take you to the top of the mountain and back.

He is extremely well gaited with a smooth true running walk and saddle gaits.  Nice trial walk.  He has been ridden both bareback and with a saddle, English and Western.  He loves attention, and follows you up and down the fence line trying to get your attention.  Put him to work for you.  He needs a job.


2011      14.3 Hands      Spotted Saddle Horse      Traffic Safe Trail Horse     $6800

Bill L.JPG
Bill R.JPG

Bill is a 10-year-old chestnut tobiano/sabino Spotted Saddle Horse/Tennessee Walking Horse gelding that stands 14.3 hands tall.  He has been a family trail, pleasure, and playday horse.  Bill has been ridden by the whole family.

Bill is a smooth moving mountain man that will go most anywhere you point him, be it up the hill, or across the stream.  He has also been ridden in the neighborhood, and shown at local fun shows and playdays.  That striking color, and flowing mane will always get him noticed.

Easy to catch, load, shoe, and stands for the vet.  He gets along really well with other horses.  Bill is a good one!


SOLD  Congratulations Fred Alms, Kingman, AZ

2012     Rocky Mountain      14.3H       Gentle, Smooth. Seasoned Trail  Horse     $7500 

Rocket R.JPG
Rocket Down Mount.jpg
Rocket HL.JPG


Congratulations Maggie Putnam 

2012     Kentucky Mountain Horse      14.1H       Solid trail horse, beginner friendly     $6900

Junior R2.jpg
Junior gait (2).jpg
Junior Stream2 (2).jpg


Foaled 2013          15.1 Hands           Seasoned Trail Horse, former show horse        $4900

Bob Fenceline1 (2).jpg
Bob Calos at block.jpg
Bob driveway (2).jpg
Bob, Gen HL.jpg
Bob and Gen.jpg
Bob HL.jpg
Bob canter (2).jpg
Bob Gait 1 (2).jpg


Sold   Congratulations Colby Clifford, Kalispell, MT 

2014    Spotted TWH    16.1H     Miles in the Mountains, Super Gaits, Traffic Safe    $7000

Chief Flat Walk_Moment(6).jpg
Chief L.jpg


Foaled 2017   Spotted KY Mountain Horse    14.2H   Solid Quiet Natured Trail Horse   $6500

Scooby road1 (2).jpg
Scooby Stream Mount.jpg
Scooby roadjpg (2).jpg
Scooby Stream (2).jpg
Scooby R_edited.jpg
Scooby L_edited.jpg
Scooby road2 (2).jpg
Scooby Stream3 (2).jpg

Cremello Colt 

May 28, 2020    (He's Got Designer Genes x Generatin Lucky Dreams)   $2200

Lucky's 20 colt R.JPG
Lucky's 20 colt HR.JPG
Lucky's 20 colt Walk.jpg
Luckys 20 colt HR.JPG
Lucky and 20 colt W.jpg
Luckys 20 colt LW.jpg

Absolutely ELEGANT cremello colt by top 25 stallion "Cinch" and out of one of my very best mares.  Quality, gait, disposition, talent!  This one is special.


Mares and Fillies

Titanium's Lizzie 

2009 Titanium x Ritz mare (TWH)  15.1H   WELL trained family &trail horse  $5600

Lizzie HR.jpg
Lizzie under belly (2).jpg
Lizzie stand to mount (2).jpg
Lizzie walk on (2).jpg
Lizzie HASadl.jpg
Lizzie Lsadl.jpg
Lizzie Plastic bag (2).jpg
Lizzie canter (2).jpg
Lizzie rump ride (2).jpg

Arial's Sea Smoke

Congratulations Michael & Jana Irwin, Idaho Falls, ID 

PSA #21-1487    Foaled 4/15/09   Smokey Joe x Under the Sea   15H   Trail Horse   $5200

Ariel R.JPG
A1 2102 st_Moment(3).jpg
Ariel HL1.JPG


Foaled 2009         TWH         15.2 hands       Seasoned Trail and Family Horse       $4800

Cindy R.JPG
Cindy HL.JPG
Cindy HR2.JPG
Cindy L.JPG

Dutch's Miss Kitty 

5/6/09  TWH # 20901913      Pusher's Dutch Boy x Call Me Miss Kitty    15.2H      $ 4200

Miss Kitty R.JPG
Miss KittyL2 (2).jpg
Miss Kitty HL.JPG
Miss Kitty HR.JPG
Miss KittyR3 (2).jpg
Miss Kitty LF.JPG


Foaled 2010     Spotted Saddle Horse        15.1 H        Seasoned Trail Horse        $4900 

Bonnie HRS.JPG
Bonnie L.JPG
Bonnie HL.JPG
Bonnie HRF.JPG
Bonnie R.JPG
Bonnie HL2.JPG


Foaled 2016   SSH    15.2H    Smooth, Super Trail Horse, Homozygous Tobiano    $6800

Nina R.jpg
Nina Pond2 (3).jpg
Nina Bridge4.jpg
Nina Pond (2).jpg
Nina gaitjpg (2).jpg
Nina Pond4 (2).jpg
Nina Foxtrott (2).jpg
Nina Pond3 (2).jpg
Nina L (2).jpg

Play Station 

Sweet mare broke to both ride AND drive

Foaled 4/12/17     TWH #21700190      (Gameworld x Watch for Roses)       14.2H     $5500  

Play Station R.JPG
Play Station Mt_Moment (2).jpg
Play Station HL.JPG
Play Station HR.JPG
Play Station HL2.JPG
Play Station trail wkL_Moment(7).jpg
Play Station HF.JPG

River's Moonlit Reflection 

 True Classic Blue Roan with Overo Gene

4/11/19     TWH # 219003552     The Dakota River x Blue Tess     Sweet, well gaited     $4200

River HR.JPG


The Dakota River

River L.JPG
River R.JPG
Moonlit Reflection baby.jpg
River head.jpg


Homozygous Sabino!

Foaled 5/5/20     Cash Live at Folsom x Dutch's Miss Kitty     Gentle. Well Gaited    $2000

Bianca R.JPG
Bianca HLF.JPG
Bianca LF.JPG

Buckskin Filly 

Foaled May 17, 2020         (He's Got Designer Genes x Black Hills Grand Bay)         $2800

IMG_6019 (2).JPG
IMG_6018 (2).JPG
IMG_6019 (3).JPG
MVI_3783_Moment (2).jpg
Grand Bays 20 filly HF.JPG
Grand Bays 20 filly L.JPG

Perlino Filly 

Foaled April 24, 2021     (He's Got Designer Genes x Black Hills Touch of Gold)     $2500 

IMG_5387 (2).JPG
IMG_5401 (2).JPG
IMG_5992 (3).JPG
IMG_5999 (2).JPG

Palomino Filly 

Foaled May 9, 2021       (He's Got Designer Genes x All Mighty Pixie Dust)       $2800

IMG_5974 (2).JPG
IMG_5542 (3).JPG
IMG_5974 (3).JPG
IMG_5543 (2).JPG

Cremello Filly 

Foaled May 13, 2021  (He's Got Designer Genes x Miner's Oreo Magic)    $2500

IMG_6010 (2).JPG
IMG_6008 (3).JPG
IMG_6008 (2).JPG

Bay Minimal Tobiano Filly

SOLD - Congratulations Tina Schaefer 

May 21, 2021           (Miner's Final Magic x Black Hills Camelot Dream)           $2500

IMG_5559 (2).JPG
IMG_5545 (2).JPG

Buckskin Tobiano Filly 

May 23, 2021         (Miner's Final Magic x May's Grand Millesime)         $2500

IMG_5515 (2).JPG
IMG_5518 (2).JPG
IMG_6903 (2).JPG
IMG_6907 (2).JPG
IMG_6908 (2).JPG
IMG_6896 (2).JPG


In 2020, I had 2 people want the same horse when they stepped off of the trailer from Kentucky, and a very nasty confrontation resulted,  with both parties claiming the horse was theirs.  As a result, Reinbeau Ranch now has a deposit policy in place.

A 10% deposit will hold a horse for an interested party for up to 2 weeks.  If the horse has not yet arrived at the ranch, the deposit holds the horse for up to 2 weeks after the animal arrives at the ranch.  This allows a party to evaluate a horse at their leisure.  Although the deposit is NOT refundable, I do allow the party to move the deposit from the original horse without penalty, to another animal, if another animal proves to be more suitable for them.