Horses are listed oldest to youngest.

Mares and Fillies follow Geldings and Colts.

PLEASE note the deposit policy at the bottom of the page.

25 new to the Pacific Northwest; Gaited Seasoned Trail Horses due from Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee in late May.  Email for information and requests. 

Geldings and Colts


2009      KY Mountain Horse        15H       WOW!  Ride or Pull a Wagon, Super Horse       $9500

Cosmo R (2).jpg
Cosmo Trail Walk (2).jpg
Cosmo L stream (2).jpg
Cosmo, harness (2).jpg
Cosmo L (2).jpg
Cosmo Tr Walk (2).jpg
Cosmo Back (2).jpg
Cosmo n Jen L.jpg


Sale Pending

Kentucky Mountain Horse     Foaled 2009    14.2 H       Been there, Done That     $6200

Parker stream3 (2).jpg
Parker HL.jpg
Parker L saddled.jpg
Parker woods (2).jpg
Parker HL saddled.jpg
Parker stream2 (2).jpg


Sale Pending 

TN Walker      Foaled 2009     15.1H      Trail, Camping, Parades, Local Shows     $7800

MArvin FA saddled.jpg
Marvin Jen under belly_Moment (2).jpg
Marvin Flowers side.jpg
Marvin rump ride_Moment (2).jpg
Marvin Jen stand on saddle_Moment (2).jpg
Marvin Stream (2).jpg

Big Jake 

2010      16.1 Hands      MO Fox Trotter     Quiet Traffic Safe Trail Horse     $8800

Big Jake w saddleR.jpg
Big Jake w saddleL.jpg


2010         Tennessee Walker        14.3H        Trail and Mountain Pleasure Horse          $4900

Stewart Mount (2).jpg
Stewart L.jpg
Stewart rack (2).jpg
Stewart, G R.jpg
Stewart running walk (2).jpg
Stewart HL.jpg


2011   Tennessee Walker     15.3H     Sweet Gentle Giany, well broke, gentle trail horse    $7800

Hawk n Jen R.jpg
Hawk tr wk home (2).jpg
Hawk L (2).jpg
Hawk stream3 (2).jpg
Hawk UPS truck (2).jpg
Hawk sdl g (2).jpg
Hawk RA.jpg
Hawk saddled flag.jpg
Hawk n Jen R (2).jpg


Sale Pending

2011     Tennessee Walker      15.1H       Gentle, Seasoned Trail Horse     $5000 

Bob Gait3 (2).jpg
Bob and Gen.jpg
Bob driveway (2).jpg
Bob canter (2).jpg
Bob, Gen HL.jpg


SOLD    Congratulations Sarah Chapman, Chattaroy, WA

2011     Missouri Fox Trotter      15.1H       Solid trail horse, extremely well trained     $8200

Dusty R2.JPG
Dusty Front.JPG
Dusty Garbage Truck_Moment (2).jpg
Dusty Road S_Moment(12).jpg
Dusty L2.JPG

Gen's Golden Sunburst 

TWHBEA #20902268      15.1H      Tennessee Walking Horse      Solid Trail Horse      $7800

Sunbyrst R.jpg
Sunburst L.jpg


Sale Pending

Foaled 2011      14.3H       Tennessee Walker       ANYONE can ride, Trail horse       $9500

Marco R.jpg
Marco HA.jpg
Marco woods (2).jpg
Marco R Flowers.jpg
Marco tarp (2).jpg
Marco R on hill.jpg
Marco crawl under (2).jpg
Marco R Jen Standing.jpg
Marco creek (2).jpg
Marco bus.jpg
Marco creek2.jpg


Foaled 2012      KY Mountain Horse     14.2      Well Gaited Fun Trail Horse      $5800  

Randy N G US.jpg
Randy Jen Mt (2).jpg
Randy Hind.jpg
Randy n J US.jpg
Randy woods (2).jpg
Randy H.jpg


Foaled 2012      Missouri Fox Trotter      15.1H       WELL trained Trail Horse      $8000

Bo R.jpg
Bo pasture.jpg
Bo Down hill.jpg


SOLD    Congratulations Colby Clifford, Kalispel, MT

Foaled 2013   Spotted Saddle Horse   15.3H   Solid, Seasoned, Sane Trail Horse    $7800

Fred 9 yr SSH geld.jpg
Fred L.JPG


Foaled 2014       Spotted Saddle Horse        14.3H        Excellent Trail Horse       $7500

Streak HRS.JPG
Streak L.JPG
Streak R2.JPG
Streak HL1.JPG


Sale Pending

Foaled 2014     15H     Spotted Saddle Horse      Solid, Sane, Sound, Seasoned      $8200

Troy, sidesaddle.jpg
Troy step over log.jpg
Troy Elbow Lean.jpg


Sale Pending

Foaled 2015      15H      Spotted Saddle Horse      Fun, Well Gaited Trail Horse      $7500

Jack Saddle Gait.jpg
Jack n Jen.jpg
Jack n G.jpg


Foaled 2017      15.2H     Spotted Saddle Horse       Well Gaited seasoned Trail Horse      $8800



Foaled 2017    KY Mountain Horse    14.3H   Outstanding, well gaited Trail Horse   $11,500

Trooper R Flowers.jpg
Trooper pvd to drt  (2).jpg
Trooper Stream.jpg
Trooper R.jpg
Trooper no hands (2).jpg
Trooper R Woods.jpg
Trooper pvd (2).jpg
Trooper on hill.jpg
Trooper n G FlowersR.jpg


Foaled 2018         Tennessee Walker         15.1H          Gentle Trail Horse          $6800

Memphis, canter2 (2).jpg
Memphis stream3 (2).jpg
Memphis gait3 (2).jpg
Memphis traffic (2).jpg
Memphis stream (2).jpg


Foaled 2018       KY Mountain Horse       14H       Smooth moving Trail Horse       $5500

Tyler R.jpg
Tyler n G Front.jpg
Tylerdirt road (2).jpg
Tyler R (2).jpg
Tyler Stream.jpg
Tyler n G L.jpg


Foaled 2019     Spotted Saddle    14.1H    People loving old soul/young body     $6800

Sebastian RA.jpg
Sebastian saddle gt dt rd (2).jpg
Sebastian L w G.jpg
Sebastian woods (2).jpg
Sebastian HL (2).jpg
Sebastian field pose.jpg
Sebastian nice canater (2).jpg
Sebastian HA.jpg
Sebastian creek.jpg

Generatin Designer Dreams 

May 28, 2020    (He's Got Designer Genes x Generatin Lucky Dreams)   $2200

Lucky's 20 colt R.JPG
Lucky's 20 colt HR.JPG
Lucky's 20 colt Walk.jpg
Luckys 20 colt HR.JPG
Lucky and 20 colt W.jpg
Luckys 20 colt LW.jpg

Absolutely ELEGANT cremello colt by top 25 stallion "Cinch" and out of one of my very best mares.  Quality, gait, disposition, talent!  This one is special.


Mares and Fillies


Foaled 2009        15H        Tennessee Walker        Smooth Gentle Trail Horse        $5800

Echo R2.JPG
Echo Neck Rening_Moment(4).jpg
Echo HL1.JPG
Echo Sdle Gt Rd N_Moment(9).jpg
Echo L.JPG


Foaled 2011       TN Walker       15.2H       WOW!   Ranch, Trail, Local Shows        $8500

Sabrina HRF.JPG
Sabrina Tarp Mt Block_Moment (2).jpg
Sabrina flat wk up rd_Moment(6).jpg
Sabrina F.JPG
MVI_8606_Moment (2).jpg
Sabrina throw rope_Moment (2).jpg
MVI_8602_Moment (2).jpg


SOLD   Congratulations Michael Mower, Kalispel MT

Foaled 2011   Spotted Saddle Horse   16.1H    Unicorn Alert!  OUTSTANDING!!    $9800

Dancer tarp ride.jpg
Dancer Jen standing w Chloe.jpg
Dancer n Jen L.jpg
Dancer Jen R.jpg
Dancer n Jen L.jpg
Dancer flower field R.jpg
Dancer Jen standing.jpg
Dancer Canter.jpg
Dancer HR.jpg
Dancer Jen in Stream.jpg


Foaled 2014    Palomino KY Mountain Horse    14.2 H   Seasoned Trail Horse        $4800 

Molly HR.JPG
Molly L.JPG
Molly HL1.JPG

Molly is an 8-year-old palomino Kentucky Mountain Horse mare that stands 14.2 hands tall.  She is a super trail horse that loves attention and is easy to have around.  She will nicker every time you come out to see her and follow you up and down the fence line.

The man I bought her from claims there is no hill to steep, nor creek too deep for her.  Also, that she was ridden over every hill and thru every holler in his county.  She has a smooth jog, nice saddle gait, and a collected canter too.  Fun little mare to ride.


Foaled 2015       Tennessee Walker       15.1H       Easy Going Girl, In Training       $4200

Scarlet R2.JPG
Scarlet HLL.JPG
Scarlet HR.JPG
Scarlet L.JPG
Scarlet HL.JPG

Play Station 

Sweet mare broke to both ride AND drive

Sold - Congratulations Jennifer Cook, Polson, MT

Foaled 4/12/17     TWH #21700190      (Gameworld x Watch for Roses)       14.2H     $6500  

Play Station R.JPG
Play Station Mt_Moment (2).jpg
Play Station HL.JPG


Foaled 2018     MO Fox Trotter      15.1H      Ranch Raised, WELL Trained       $7800

Misty R Saddled.jpg
Misty L saddled.jpg


Foaled 2018     Tennessee Walker      15.3H       Gentle Quiet Natured Trail Horse    $4900

Fancy HR.JPG
MVI_8677_Moment (2).jpg
MVI_8688_Moment (2).jpg
MVI_8693_Moment (2).jpg
MVI_8691_Moment (2).jpg
Fancy L.JPG

River's Moonlit Reflection 

 True Classic Blue Roan with Overo Gene

Sold  Congratulations Chance Chappell, Vallejo, CA

4/11/19     TWH # 219003552     The Dakota River x Blue Tess     Sweet, well gaited     $4200

River HR.JPG
River L.JPG


Homozygous Sabino!

5/5/20  TWH  #22002757   Cash Live at Folsom x Dutch's Miss Kitty    Gentle. Well Gaited    $2000

Bianca R.JPG
Bianca HLF.JPG
Bianca LF.JPG

She's A Grand Design 

SOLD  Congratulations Diana Howarth-Cederquist

Foaled May 17, 2020         (He's Got Designer Genes x Black Hills Grand Bay)         $2800

IMG_6019 (2).JPG
Grand Bays 20 filly HF.JPG
IMG_6018 (2).JPG

Perlino Filly 

Foaled April 24, 2021     (He's Got Designer Genes x Black Hills Touch of Gold)     $2500 

IMG_5387 (2).JPG
IMG_5401 (2).JPG
IMG_5992 (3).JPG
IMG_5999 (2).JPG

Palomino Filly 

Foaled May 9, 2021       (He's Got Designer Genes x All Mighty Pixie Dust)       $2800

IMG_5974 (2).JPG
IMG_5542 (3).JPG
IMG_5974 (3).JPG
IMG_5543 (2).JPG

Cremello Filly 

Foaled May 13, 2021  (He's Got Designer Genes x Miner's Oreo Magic)    $2500

IMG_6010 (2).JPG
IMG_6008 (3).JPG
IMG_6008 (2).JPG

Bay Minimal Tobiano Filly

SOLD - Congratulations Tina Schaefer 

May 21, 2021           (Miner's Final Magic x Black Hills Camelot Dream)           $2500

IMG_5559 (2).JPG
IMG_5545 (2).JPG

Buckskin Tobiano Filly 

May 23, 2021         (Miner's Final Magic x May's Grand Millesime)         $2500

IMG_5515 (2).JPG
IMG_5518 (2).JPG
IMG_6903 (2).JPG
IMG_6907 (2).JPG
IMG_6908 (2).JPG
IMG_6896 (2).JPG


In 2020, I had 2 people want the same horse when they stepped off of the trailer from Kentucky, and a very nasty confrontation resulted,  with both parties claiming the horse was theirs.  As a result, Reinbeau Ranch now has a deposit policy in place.

A 10% deposit will hold a horse for an interested party for up to 2 weeks.  If the horse has not yet arrived at the ranch, the deposit holds the horse for up to 2 weeks after the animal arrives at the ranch.  This allows a party to evaluate a horse at their leisure.  Although the deposit is NOT refundable, I do allow the party to move the deposit from the original horse without penalty, to another animal.

Hawk L.jpg
Hawk log (2).jpg
Hawk RA (2).jpg