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Geldings and Colts


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11 yr. SSH tobiano gelding       14.2+H       Seasoned Quiet Natured Trail Horse       $5500


Quiet natured seasoned trail horse.  Expecting Spotted Saddle Horse registration certificate if he can find it.  This sweet gelding has been in the same family for the last 8 years as a family and trail horse.  They also took him camping. 


Stout built, keg shod, and extremely smooth to ride.  Well broke with a great disposition.  He will willingly take you anywhere you want to go.


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11 yr. Chestnut tobiano Gelding   15.1H    Seasoned Trail and Camping Horse     $5500 

Ron USR1.jpg
Ron USL1.jpg

Konner's Insigna Romeo (Scout)

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PSH #21-1482   Foaled 2/10.10   15.1H    Seasoned Trail Horse, Super Gait      $6800

A1 2108 Ev_Moment (2).jpg
Scout HR.JPG
Scout R.JPG
A1 2108 St_Moment (2).jpg
A1 2108 St_Moment(17).jpg
A1 2108 St_Moment(12).jpg

Scout is a solid, smooth, experienced trail horse.  11 years old and 15.1 hands, he is registered as a Pleasure Saddle Horse.

Scout is solid bodied, and medium/large boned.  He is built to go all day, and the next day too.  Extremely smooth moving with the true head shaking running walk the Tennessee Walking Horse is famous for.  He will also trail walk with "other" horses, and is great in steep mountainous terrane.  He goes right into lakes and streams, over down trees and is sure footed across rocks.  Dogs, wildlife, hikers, ATV's, traffic. no problem as far as he is concerned.  SOLID trail horse.  Fairly forward moving and fun to ride.

Call Me Dreamer

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TWHBEA # 21302874     Foaled 5/07/13     15.2 Hands      Seasoned Trail Horse        $6200

Dreamer USR.jpg
Dreamer USL1.jpg

Big Beautiful palomino 8 year old registered Tennessee Walking Horse gelding that stands 15.2 hands tall.  Dreamer is well built, well bred, and a well broke seasoned trail and camping horse.

Dreamer has a classic "using horse" build.  Pretty head, long well balanced neck and shoulder, strong back, smooth hip and correct TWH legs.  He is a direct son of one of the top perlino stallions in the nation right now "Call Me John Wayne".  Dreamer was bred by the well known Darrel Grider, of Columbia, Kentucky.  He is out of one of his best mares with Gen's Armed and Dangerous, Prides Generator, Ebony Masterpiece, Merry Go Boy, Sun's Delight D, Triple Threat, and of coarse Midnight Sun in her pedigree.

Dreamer has a smooth true running walk, comfortable trail walk, and a nice canter.  He also neck reins.  He will go over or thru most anything you want on the trail.  He has been on camping trips a week at a time.

Good looking, good breeding, good education, good gaited, good experience,  GOOD horse!


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Kentucky Mountain Horse     6 yrs     Many miles in the Mountains, Super Gaits     $5800

Stepper US A.jpg
Stepper USL.jpg
Stepper USR.jpg

King of Spots  

Homozygous for both Tobiano and Black

TWH # 22000028   Foaled Sept. 1, 2019   (Spotted Mountain Man x A Chess Queen)    $5000

King HRS.jpg
King HF.jpg
King R1.jpg

A hard to find individual.  I had planned to keep this colt as a stallion, but can't keep them all.  ROYALLY bred, friendly willing disposition, outstanding gait, and homozygous to boot.

King's sire is by the World renowned Spotted Alen Again, and out of a direct daughter of World Grand Champion Ebony's Mountain Man.  He has Spotted Alen's talent and his size seems to come from Mountain Man.  I expect him to mature between 15,3 and 16.1 hands.  King's dam is one of the few Spotted horses to place in the TWHBEA National Futurity.  This kind of pedigree just about never happens on a colt so young now days.

King is extremely friendly with a quiet disposition.  He loves attention, and follows me around hoping for a scratch or a pat.  This boy WALKS!  Show quality, but sturdy built for the mountains.

Not only is King homozygous for black, he is also homozygous for the tobiano spotting gene.  He can never produce a chestnut/sorrel foal, and 100% will be tobiano spotted.

This boy can take a farm far!

Cremello Colt 

May 28, 2020    (He's Got Designer Genes x Generatin Lucky Dreams)   $2200

Luckys 20 colt HR.JPG
Lucky and 20 colt W.jpg
Luckys 20 colt RW.jpg
Luckys 20 colt LW.jpg

Absolutely ELEGANT cremello colt by top 25 stallion "Cinch" and out of one of my very best mares.  Quality, gait, disposition, talent!  This one is special.


Mares and Fillies

Generally Fabulous 

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TWHBEA #2120098     Foaled 4/6/12        General Gunn x Push Me Hard       14.3H     Seasoned trail horse, Trail/Pleasure show record,  Ride or Breed, QUALITY mare     $5800

Ike US A.jpg
Ike US F.jpg
Ike US.jpg

Elegant, well named, well bred, well trained, and well gaited quality coal black mare that is 9 years old and stands 143H tall.

What a sweetheart.  She was a family horse for the people I bought her from that the entire family rode on the trails and around their neighborhood.

She is by World Placed Gen's Major General son General Gunn and is out of a Coin's Hard Cash and The Pushover mare.  World Grand Champions and Hall of Fame horses are all over her pedigree.  Not only the aforementioned Gen's Major General, Coin's Hard Cash, and The Pushover, but Prides generator, Pride of Midnight, Sun's Delight D., Gold Coin, The Pusher, and Threat's Supreme A are all on her registration certificate.

Generally Fabulous (Ike) is well trained with hundreds of miles under saddle.  As a younger horse she was shown in the Trail/Pleasure division at class A TWHBEA shows in Ohio and Tennessee; placing well,  She has a good mouth, a good head set, and a good mind.  She will move with a true head shaking "walk", and can be pushed into a rack.  She can also trail walk slow enough for most stock horses.  Fun Ride!


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8 year old mare            15.2H            Fun Trail Horse, Sweet Mare          $ 4800

Lady R.JPG
Lady US L.jpg
Lady L.JPG
Lady USF.jpg

Lady is a beautiful flaxen chestnut TWH mare that stands a full 15.2H tall.  Broke to ride, she has been tail ridden and shown Country Pleasure at local horse shows.

Lady loves attention,  She is forward moving and willing and lots of fun to ride. She goes where you point her.


Sale Pending

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8 year old mare             14.2H              Beautiful Smooth Moving Trail Horse           $ 4500

Polly L.JPG
Polly R.JPG
Polly HL.JPG
Polly HL1.JPG

Polly is a dark golden palomino (still partial winter coat in these pictures) Kentucky Mountain Horse mare that is 8 years old and stands 14.2H tall.  She has been trail ridden all over Kentucky and Tennessee and is an extremely smooth mover

Weaver's Supreme Delight 

SOLD - Congratulations Mary Ellen Warren

Foaled 2014     Black Hills Dream Weaver x My Cajun Delight     15 H     $5500

Blonde Under Saddle (3).jpeg

Buckskin Tobiano Filly 

Foaled May 3, 2020        (He's Got Designer Genes x Miner's Pushy Bay Jose)        $2900

Bay Jose's 20 filly R.JPG
Bay Jose 20 filly HF.JPG
Bay Jose 20 filly L.JPG

Buckskin Filly 

Foaled May 17, 2020         (He's Got Designer Genes x Black Hills Grand Bay)         $2800

MVI_3783_Moment (2).jpg
Grand Bays 20 filly HF.JPG
Grand Bays 20 filly L.JPG