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After MANY years as a breeder, I am at an age that I just can't do it all anymore.  As a result, I have reluctantly come to the decision that I must seriously downsize the breeding herd.  A number of mares available that have never been priced before, as well as one of the Nation's top perlino stallions.   Mares can be seen on the "Mares" page in addition to those on the For Sale page.

Horses are listed oldest to youngest.

Mares and Fillies follow Geldings and Colts.

PLEASE note the deposit policy at the bottom of the page.

Geldings and Colts


SOLD - Congratulations Penny Hodges, Buhl, ID

2012    Spotted Saddle Horse    14.2 H    Trail, Camping, Parades, The Beach     $6800

Beau gt RA.jpg
Beau HR2.jpg
Beau Christmas Parade.jpg


SOLD - Congratulations Carolyn Offenbacker, Silverdale, WA 

2012     TWH     16H      Gentle Giant, Forgiving and Patient and Willing      $7800

Clark w G.jpg
Clark over Jen.jpg

He's Got Designer Genes  (Cinch)
2012 Perlino stallion      Color Genetics:  Ee/AA/nd1/CrCr
 GUARANTEED Buckskin or Palomino foals with non dilute mares

Cinch: High as #25 on TWHBEA's Sires List, listed nearly every year standing    $7500

(Travelers Moon Frost x Generatin Gold Knockout)      2012 Perlino stallion          15 hands

Cinch was bred in Montana, where they use their Walkers on the ranch. He was raised in Missouri on another working ranch.  Cinch is a beautiful iridescent perlino with  a great gait and no pace.  He has superb conformation and a quiet gentle disposition, both of which he passes on to his foals.  He has been colored tested at UC Davis as Ee/AA/nd1/CrCr.   His foals will always be buckskin or palomino when bred to non-dilute mares.  He can also produce foals with dun characteristics such as a line back.  He is one of the last foals and is the only perlino son by Travelers Moon Frost.

Cinch has been as high as #25 on the TWHBEA list of top breeding stallions and has been on the list for a number of years.

Cinch was broke to ride as a long 2 year old.
Cinch has old time breeding.  He goes back to Roy Roger's Trigger Jr. twice on his sire's side (Allen's Gold Zephyr).  His dam's side goes back to the great horses The Pride Piper and Tennessee Goldust.
We are getting extraordinary individuals from this young stallion. He truly is one of kind.  Take a look at what he has already produced!
Color, gait, and disposition are a "Cinch" with Designer Genes!

Standing until Sold

Stud Fee:  $500 LCFG         Purchase:  $7500

Designer Sunset, Cinch x Pebbles (2).jpg


2012    TWH     14.2H    Smooth Forward Moving WELL Trained Trail Horse       $ 6800

Copper L loose.jpg
Copper R.jpg

Copper is a 12 yr, 14.2 hand TWH gelding that is trail savvy and been used on the ranch. This classy boy is a true head shaking walker with the ability to speed up to a smooth saddle gait. He has a very nice canter, good mouth, and willing disposition. Copper has a very good neck rein, and is downright handy in the hills. Fun, forward moving, and ready to go to work for you.


SOLD - Congratulations Leslee Decker, Huson, MT

2013    Spotted Saddle Horse    15.3H     Solid Sane Sound and SMOOTH!     $9000

Graham traffic.jpg
Graham HL.jpg
Graham Canter.jpg


2014        15H       TWH         Sweet, Smooth. Well Trained Solid Trail Horse        $7800

Mojo Gt R .jpg
Mojo stream.jpg
Mojo hind RF.jpg

Mojo is a 9 year old 14.3 hand Tennessee Walker gelding that is one whale of a trail horse! Loves attention, super well gaited, and will stand for anything you ask of him. You will be happy every day you toss your saddle up on your good Mojo.


SOLD - Congratulations Duane Green, Anaonda, MT

2015    15.1H      Spotted Saddle       Well Gaited, Loves People, Trail Savy       $8200

Gage Liberty.jpg
Gage L gt w J.jpg
Gage Canter.jpg


2017   TWH/Standardbred    15.1H     Stylish Smooth Trail Horse, Some Speed   $6800

SOLD - Congratulations Steve Hall, Missoula, MT

Creed gt R.jpg
Creed HL bridle.jpg
Creed Stream.jpg


4/27/19    TWHBEA #21901368     15H     Super Sweet, Well Bred Gentleman!     $6500

Cooley Stream.jpg
Cooley R.jpg
Cooley WALK L.jpg

I'Am Cool Blue better known as Cooley is a 5 year old, 15 hand TWH registered gelding. SWEET boy, nice timing, and classic form. He is by a Jose son out of a Titalist daughter, 2nd dam by Out on Parole. This is a super nice young gelding. He is loving and kind, playful and brave and very willing, He learns things quickly. Nice horse overall with some good experience and a ton of potential.


SOLD - Congratulations Chris Cummings, Portland OR

2019    Spotted Saddle Horse     Gentle, Smooth, Willing Trail Horse   $7200

Cody R.jpg
Cody Hillstand.jpg
Cody L w J.jpg

Brando - Classic Buckskin Roan Colt

 SOLD - Congratulations Legia Cruz, Battle Ground, WA

April 27, 2023       (He's Got Designer Genes x Touch Blue Silk CCF)          $3800

IMG_0002 (2).JPG
IMG_0010 (3).JPG
IMG_9995 (2).JPG


Mares and Fillies


 2011         TWH           15.1H          Anyone looking for a Unicorn???            $9500

Adeline flying tarp.jpg
Adeline w Ball.jpg
Adeline bike handshake.jpg

About as close to a unicorn as they come! Adeline is a coming 13 yr black sabino roan TWH mare that stands 15.1H. She is a been there and done that girl but is still more than happy to learn something new if you can find it. Great disposition, loves attention, traffic wildlife and barnyard animal safe. She has been ridden by kids and the grandparents, beginners and experienced riders. She will ride alone without a fuss, lead follow or be middle of the pack in a group. She is great in the woods over logs and bridges and thru streams and tough terrain. Bikes and 4 wheelers are no problem. She will stand at the mounting block, or park out to mount.


HARD to find kind of horse. You will LOVE Adeline!


SOLD - Congratulations Erin Montgomery, 

2012     Tennessee Walker     15.1H      Seasoned Trail Horse, Smooth Mover     $4900

Mercedes front w G.jpg
Mercedes Canter.jpg

Armed Silver Queen (Queen)

5/10/13   TWHBEA #21301602  (Dangerous Pushy and Armed x Pewter by Silver Design)

14.3H           Broodmare and Trail Horse          $6900

Queen HR (2).jpg
Queen trail walkL .jpg
Queen canter R2.jpg

Queen is a 11-year-old Registered TWH mare that stands 15 hands. She is well bred, well broke, and well gaited.  Such greats as Gen's armed and Dangerous, Prides Generator, Ebony Masterpiece, The Pusher CG, Pride of Midnight, Mark of Carbon, Midnight Mack K, and Silver Design are actually on her papers.  She has a true head shaking flat and running walk, super smooth saddle gait, VERY nice canter on both leads, and a quiet easy trail walk.  She has been many a mile in the back woods on trails.  Ride her, breed her, or both.  She is a good addition to the herd.


2015   Spotted Racking Horse   15H   Trail, Camping, or Tooling on down the road    $7000

Cheryl R.jpg
Cheryl, rack on.jpg

Donna is an 9 yr. old black and white Spotted Racking mare that stands 15. hands. Has a great racking going gait, nice trail walk and canter, and a good saddle gait too.  She is sound with no issues and is well broke.  Easy on the eyes too.  


SOLD - Congratulations Chris Cummings, Portland, OR

2017       Spotted Saddle    15.H       Once in a Lifetime Horse, SMOOTH!       $9800

Mira HR3.JPG
Mira tr wkl.jpg
Mira R2.JPG


Sale Pending

2018        Spotted Saddle Horse       14.2H           Solid, Smooth, Trail Horse         $6500

Baby Doll R.jpg
Baby Doll n J gait.jpg
Baby Doll HR w bridle.jpg

Via's Dazzle Girl 

SOLD - Congratulations Timothy Beebe

8/1/19  TWH # 21902290   15H   Trail and Ranch.  SMOOTH, Very well trained   $7800


Homozygous Sabino - Homozygous Black 

5/5/20  TWH  #22002757   Cash Live at Folsom x Dutch's Miss Kitty    Gentle. Well Gaited    $3800

Now bred to BB for '25

Bianca walking R.jpg
Bianca flag.jpg
Bianca canter R mane flying.jpg

Folsom's Miss Maxx Color, better known as Bianca is a well-bred, well built, and very well gaited registered TWH filly that stands at 15.1H and growing.  He is homozygous for the sabino roan gene.

Bianca is gentle, but not lazy or dull.  She is good for the farrier, easy to load, and has been hauled.  She has had her groundwork, and is ready for your cowboy to give her that 1st ride.

This filly has a who's who of sabino horses in her pedigree with Out on Parole, Pusher's Doing Time, Pusher's Coat of Color, and of course, The Pusher CG himself on her papers.  She also has Mighty Maxx, Prides Beam, and Generator's Silver Dollar on the papers.

Bianca has a laid-back shoulder, long hip, correct legs, and a smooth body.  She has a good overstride and is as naturally gaited as they come.

You will be seen coming down the trail on this flashy girl.  She will be a 100% producer of sabino patterned foals.

Miss Kitty R.JPG

Her Dam - Dutch's Miss Kitty    Stallion bred to - Bourbon with Blues

Classic Blue Roan Tobiano Filly

SOLD - Congratulations Tarsha Wohlschlegel, Columbia Falls, MT

(He's Got Foaled 5/13/23      (Bourbon With Blues x Lance's Hot Dream Spot)      $3800

Classic Blue Roan Filly

SOLD - Congratulations Tarsha Wohlschlegel, Columbia Falls, MT

Dam is full sister to a World Champion

6/10/23               (Bourbon with Blues x Weaver's Favorite Ritz)                $3500


In 2020, I had 2 people want the same horse when they stepped off of the trailer from Kentucky, and a very nasty confrontation resulted,  with both parties claiming the horse was theirs.  As a result, Reinbeau Ranch now has a deposit policy in place.

A 10% deposit will hold a horse for an interested party for up to 2 weeks.  If the horse has not yet arrived at the ranch, the deposit holds the horse for up to 2 weeks after the animal arrives at the ranch.  This allows a party to evaluate a horse at their leisure.  Although the deposit is NOT refundable, I do allow the party to move the deposit from the original horse without penalty, to another animal.

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