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Geldings and Colts

 Big Red 

SOLD   Congratulations Steve Marker, Ellensburg, WA

Foaled 2008       14.3 Hands       Seasoned trail horse       Extremely Gentle          $3200

Quiet natured and easy going,   Forgiving, patient, and easy to look at.

Gambler's Silver Mirage 

SOLD     Congratulations Mike Garner, Eureka, MT

Foaled 8/1/08  PSH #20-1375 (Gambler's Silver Lining x Seeing Big Mirage)  15H    $3800

Solid, sane, experienced, and sweet.  Head shaking running walk.  Video available.

Touch's Silver Outline

Sold     Congratulations Robert Gooding, Olympia, WA

Foaled 4/15/09     TWH #20901160      (Outlined in Silver x Touch's Pushy Woman)       $5500

Silver is  beauty inside and out!  The video speaks for him.  EXTRAORDINARY GELDING!           

Pusher's Durango

SOLD     Congratulations Laura Garner, Eureka, MT

Foaled 7/23/10        PSH # 20-1347          Trail & Hunting horse          15.2 Hands         $3500

This boy is super smooth, and super well broke.  Neck reins, has a nice canter, and has not only been hunted with, he has been hunted on.  


SOLD     Congratulations Karen Smith, Kamiah, ID

Foaled 2012        15 Hands          Gentle family trail horse          $ 4200

 Family friendly, quiet and gentle, he is smooth with the ability to move out or dog walk

Hershey Silver Dollar 

Foaled 3/16/12     Pleasure Saddle Horse # 20-1362        15.3 H        $4800

Big, beautiful, well broke, gentle, quiet natured but willing to move out, seasoned trail horse.  Just what many people are looking for!  One of the better educated horses coming out of KY.  Pretty boy with brains.  A good one!  Video Available.

Bill Little Trigger 

Foaled 5/1/13     TWH #21301871     15.1H     Easy going trail horse      $4200

Who doens't want to own a palomino TWH registered gelding officially named Trigger?  Quiet natured with a good dog walk on the road or on the trail.  Super smooth when you ask him to move out.  Good traveling dude.  Good looking dude with a good mind and willing to please.  

Very well bred with such greats as Royal Ivy, Boss Man, Stormy Night, Bummin Around and the great Ebony Masterpiece.     Short video availalbe.

Amarillo Dune 

Foaled 5/15/18     (He's Got Designer Genes x Black Hills Amarilo Grand)     15.1   $2500

Big fancy palomino gelding by "Cinch" and out of a 16 hand irridescent palomino daughter of Supreme National Versatility Champion He's Black Hills Gold.  (See stallions page)  Well built, well bred, well on his way with his ground work.  Dune already tapes at 15.1 hands at 22 months.

Going to be big, beautiful and SMOOTH in a number of ways.

Ritz Dream Design
Foaled May 28, 2018           (He's Got Designer Genes x Weaver's Favorite Ritz)          $2500

This boy is growing up gorgous!  Sweet temperament,correct and well balanced, great gaits, long thick flowing mane and tail.  

Gene tested a true perlino as CrCrAaEe.  Homozygous cream gene with a dominant agouti and a black.

Sired by top 50 stallion He's Got Designer Genes and out of a full sister to a World Champion and a Super Horse.  His pedigree has World Grand Champions, World Champions, and Versatility Champions all over it. 

Buckskin Tobiano Colt
Foaled May 2, 2019           (He's Got Designer Genes x Stars Magic Shot)           $ 2500

SWEET buckskin tobiano colt by He's Got Designer Genes (Cinch) and out ot Stars Magic Shot.  Cinch is top 50 in the Nation inbreeding popularity, and Magic had produced winners, athletes, and top producers from coast to coast and as far away as Israel.  This is her last foal.


One of the best she ever produced for gait, sweet quiet disposition, and athletic ability.  Potential versatility horse for sure.  Expected to mature between 14. 2 and 15 hands.

Buckskin Colt
Foaled June 11,    (He's got Designer Genes x Black Hills Amarilo Grand)   $2,800

Another fine solid buckskin colt by "Cinch" and out of a big palomino daughter of Supreme National Versatility Champion He's Black Hills Gold (Buck).

Versatility Champions, National Futurity winners, World Champions, ranch horses, and World Grand Champions all over this handsome guys pedigree.  He lives up to that grand heritage.

Quiet natured, but athletic and very willing.  Well muscled, well balanced and what a Super Gait!

Smoky Cream Colt
Foaled June 16          (He's Black Hills Gold x Miner's Touch)            $2500

Smoky Cream colt by Supreme National Versatility Champion He's Black Hills Gold.  Quite possibly his last foal.  This colt is out of Miner's Touch.  She is by Supreme National Versatility Champion The Gold Miner and out of a daughter of World Grand Champion The Touch.  A veritable Who's Who in pedigree especially for a double dilute colt.

This nice boy has both the talent and the brains to back up his pedigree.  Easy to work with.

Gene tested CrCrEEaa.  Homozygous for Cream as well as homozygous for black genes.


Mares and Fillies

Hoosiers Beaucoup of Color 

Homozygous Tobiano

Born 6/27/09   TWH # 20901401   (Hoosier Daddy x Colors Bolt of Lightning)   15.H    $3800

This beautiful lady is a gentle broke trail horse and a fine mother.  She is UC Davis tested homozygous tobiano.  She has already produced two tobiano spotted mules.  Line bred Bob's Beaucoup Boy. 


Loves attention, very personable.  The 1st one to meet you at the gate. Open and ready to hit the trail or breed to the stallion of your choice.  .


Foaled 2009               15 Hands               Gentle trail horse               $3200

Callie is an11 year old classic champagne tobiano mare that stands 15 hands.  She is very friendly and easy to handle. The product of a rather nasty divorce, she is just green broke, but very willing. 

Someone is going to get an extremely nice mare for sale thru no fault of her own.

Blue's Hail Mary 

SOLD     Congratulations Vickie Millhouse, Camino Island, WA

Foaled 2/18/09      PSH # 20-1346      15.3 Hands      OUTSTANDING Looks and Ride!     $5200


Foaled 2009         SSHBEA registered        15.3 Hands          $4500

Big beautiful black tobiano mare with tons of experience.  She has been ridden by both young and old.  Both on the trail and on the rail at small local shows.   Super smooth mover with a good mind and lots of life experience.  Family horse.

Dream Weaver's Intern


Foaled 6/1/10    TWH # 21003881     (Black Hills Dream Weaver x An Attorney General)    $4500   

Weaver's True Gold

5/23/11  TWH #21104062   Black Hills Dream Weaver x Madam Truth  Price Reduced $3500  $4000

Beautiful palomino tobiano Dream Weaver daughter out of a Coins Hard Cash  and Jazz Man bred mare.  Almost a double for Dream Weaver's Intern except that she is bigger bodied with more muscle.  They even have simular face markings!  What a pair they make!

Just returned home from training with Mike Schuette in Ellensburg.  Mike is a big Steve Rother fan, and Trudy's training shows it.  Supple, responsive, and willing.

Short videos available on request.

Perfect Mistress   (Celeste) 

Sold     Congratulations Jeanne Paddock, Deer Park, WA

Foaled 4/29/13  TWH #21300889    I'm Perfect x Riders Black Wonder   14.1H   Ride & Drive

Weaver's Supreme Delight

Currently in Training, and doing WELL!

TWH # 21401431                             Foaled May 29, 2014                           $3800

(Black Hills Dream Weaver x My Cajun Delight)  

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