Geldings and Colts

Smokin Hershey Chocolate

Sale Pending

Foaled 4/15/08    PSH #19-1267    (Smokey Joe (RMH) x Using All Fuel (KNG))     $4500

Stunning Silver dapple gelding with lots of chrome.  Stout build, 15.2 hands,  easy going but not lazy.  Super trail horse with lots of back woods experience.  Good in all kinds of terrain and over all sorts of obstacles.  Big enough for dad, good looking and gentle enough for mom.

Lil Bears Forest Fire

SOLD    Congratulations Cindy Harvey, Sultan, WA

Foaled 6/10/2010   PSH #19-1262   (I'm All Fired Up x My Lil Princess)   14.1H   $2800

Bear is a coal black 9 year old gelding that is a stout 14.1 hands.  Super well gaited and smooth moving be it trail walk, flat walk or head shaking running walk.  Lots of miles on the trail.  More of a follower than a leader.  Gentle but not at all lazy, willing to move out.


short video available

Miner's Gandy Dancer 

TWH 21601529   Foaled May 9, 2016  The Gold Miner x Black Hills Fancy   $2800

Nearly chocolate palomino tobiano gelding

Ritz Dream Design
Foaled May 28, 2018           (He's Got Designer Genes x Weaver's Favorite Ritz)          $2500

This boy is growing up gorgous!  Sweet temperament,correct and well balanced, great gaits, long thick flowing mane and tail.  

Gene tested a true perlino as CrCrAaEe.  Homozygous cream gene with a dominant agouti and a black.

Sired by top 50 stallion He's Got Designer Genes and out of a full sister to a World Champion and a Super Horse.  His pedigree has World Grand Champions, World Champions, and Versatility Champions all over it. 

Black Tobiano Colt

Foaled April 30, 2019         (Pusher's Dragon Fire x Gen's Merry Go Gold)        $2000

Big black tobiano colt by Western International winning stallion Pusher's Dragon Fire and out of the big palomino tobiano mare Gen's Merry Go Gold.  She is by World Champion and TWHBEA Horse of the Year winner Gen at Midnight.  Many people mistook Gen at Midnight for a Freisian due to his beautiful black body and long flowing mane and tail.


This colt is expected to be over 16 hands at maturity.  Outstanding head shaking walk, easy to work with, and willing to learn.    They will see you coming on this big boy.  

Buckskin Tobiano Colt
Foaled May 2, 2019           (He's Got Designer Genes x Stars Magic Shot)           $ 2500

SWEET buckskin tobiano colt by He's Got Designer Genes (Cinch) and out ot Stars Magic Shot.  Cinch is top 50 in the Nation inbreeding popularity, and Magic had produced winners, athletes, and top producers from coast to coast and as far away as Israel.  This is her last foal.


One of the best she ever produced for gait, sweet quiet disposition, and athletic ability.  Potential versatility horse for sure.  Expected to mature between 14. 2 and 15 hands.

Buckskin Colt
Foaled June 11,    (He's got Designer Genes x Black Hills Amarilo Grand)   $2,800

Another fine solid buckskin colt by "Cinch" and out of a big palomino daughter of Supreme National Versatility Champion He's Black Hills Gold (Buck).

Versatility Champions, National Futurity winners, World Champions, ranch horses, and World Grand Champions all over this handsome guys pedigree.  He lives up to that grand heritage.

Quiet natured, but athletic and very willing.  Well muscled, well balanced and what a Super Gait!

Smoky Cream Colt
Foaled June 16          (He's Black Hills Gold x Miner's Touch)            $2500

Smoky Cream colt by Supreme National Versatility Champion He's Black Hills Gold.  Quite possibly his last foal.  This colt is out of Miner's Touch.  She is by Supreme National Versatility Champion The Gold Miner and out of a daughter of World Grand Champion The Touch.  A veritable Who's Who in pedigree especially for a double dilute colt.

This nice boy has both the talent and the brains to back up his pedigree.  Easy to work with.

Gene tested CrCrEEaa.  Homozygous for Cream as well as homozygous for black genes.


Mares and Fillies

Dream Weaver's Intern

Sale Pending

Foaled 6/1/10    TWH # 21003881     (Black Hills Dream Weaver x An Attorney General)    $4500   

This World Class palomino tobiano mare has beauty, brains, talent and experience.  Extremely intelligent and trainable with  a show ring perfect head shaking running walk but lots of trail, mountain, and camping under her belt.


Short vidos abailable on requst.


What a golden breauty!!

Weaver's True Gold

Foaled 5/23/11     TWH #21104062     Black Hills Dream Weaver x Madam Truth     $4000

Beautiful palomino tobiano Dream Weaver daughter out of a Coins Hard Cash  and Jazz Man bred mare.  Almost a double for Dream Weaver's Intern except that she is bigger bodied with more muscle.  They even have simular face markings!  What a pair they make!

Just returned home from training with Mike Schuette in Ellensburg.  Mike is a big Steve Rother fan, and Trudy's training shows it.  Supple, responsive, and willing.

Short videos available on request.

Black Hills Touch 'O Pearl

Foaled 5/3/11     TWH #21104057     He's Black Hills Gold x Miner's Touch     $2500


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