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Geldings and Colts

Boston Legal 

6/7/07  TWH #20707284  14.3H  Outstanding trail, camping & local show horse  $5800

Boston Legal is a 14.3-15hhhh, 13 yr old, black sabino roan, registered TWH, Gelding. He has been trail ridden all over Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Ohio. Boston has been on week-long camping trips and ridden through many State Parks. He has been shown and won lots of ribbons at local fun shows.


Boston is easy to clip, bathe, tack-up, load, and handle. Boston is a confident horse that knows his job, He’s fun and forward moving, He isn’t afraid to go out alone or be a leader. He is will trail walk but likes to move out in that smooth gait. He has a gait that is consistent for any rider and a nice lope! He has been ridden around farm equipment, ATV’s, over large noisy tarps and has also had guns shot off of his back. Boston has been exposed to all kinds of wildlife such as deer or turkey or other animals like cows or dogs and will go anywhere that he is asked too. He has been ridden many miles in the mountains and encountered every obstacle possible on the trail. He will go up or down even the steepest slopes, across deep creeks, over downed trees, and over all types of rough terrain while still being sure-footed. He has been ridden in traffic and is very traffic safe around cars, semi, log, and dump trucks.


Boston is a Direct son of World Grand Champion Out On Parole and out of a direct daughter of World Grand Champion He's Puttin on the Ritz,


Boston is  a great-looking horse that is ready to hit the trails!!!    


Foaled 2008          15.2 H          Gentle, Seasoned Trail Horse            $5800

Razor is a 15.2H 12 year old chestnut tobiano Spotted gelding that has bee the trail and camping horse for an older rider for the last few years.  Unfortunately his humans health is failing, and he has to find a new trail partner.  He is solid on the trail, in all types of terrain and over all sorts of obstacles.  He is also traffic safe including large trucks and equipment.

Beautiful horse with a good mind and lots of time and miles to travel.


Foaled 2009     15.2H        Trail and Ranch horse       $5900

Montana is an all around good trail horse with experience on a working ranch the last few years.  He's a been there done that kind of guy.  Nice quiet trail walk, smooth gaited, nice canter and a neck rein too.  Above average gaited horse education on an above average gaited gelding.


Foaled 2009          15.1H       Beautiful Stout Pleasure horse With Bling          $6800

Trigger is a real Looker with the disposition and ability to back up what pretty he is.  Stout made palomino with blaze and 4 matching white stockings, you couldn't draw one much better looking.  He is also a well seasoned and level headed trail horse.  He will go anywhere you point him, 0ver, under and thru anything you ask on the trail. He is also traffic safe around all types of vehicles.  The cherry on top is that he is extremely smooth, even for a gaited horse.

No foolishness kind of guy that is suitable for an advanced beginner, but fun for a more experienced rider as well.


Sale Pending

Foaled 2009          16H          Seasoned  Gentle Trail Horse with Education          $6500


Foaled 2009          14 Hands            Gentle, Quiet Natured Stout Trail Horse          $ 3900

Short and stout and easy going.  Suitable your young or older rider.  Many a mile in the back woods and mountains.

Ready, Willing - Able.

Rico's Chrome Scout 

Foaled 8/10/10            PSH # 20-1434            15H            Camping and Trail Horse           $4900

This gorgeous golden boy's video doesn't do him justice.  Calm quiet trail walk, smooth ground covering saddle gait, nice collected canter.  He will usually catch you, good for the farrier, easy to load.  Good in the mountain trails and over obstacles.  They will see you coming on this fancy boy.


Sale Pending 

Foaled 2010    15.1H     Been there done that gelding suitable for most anyone   $7500

L S Big Dust 

Foaled 1/12/10     PSH # 20-1406    14.3H      Extraordinary Gentle trail Horse      $6500

He is a 14.3hh, 10 year old Mountain Horse gelding that is registered in the PSHR. Dusty came from an older lady in Western KY who trail rode him all over the Shawnee National Forest and Land Between the Lakes. Over the last 5 years there weren’t very many weekends that she didn’t spend on the back of this golden hunk. Dusty knows his job and LOVES doing it! He is easy to catch, handle, clip, and bathe.  He is easy to saddle and bridle, stands perfect to mount, and always rides off calmly and quietly. If you are looking for a Cadillac, you have come to the right place because Dusty is extremely good gaited. He has a nice head nodding running walk or he can step up and rack on down the road. He is a ball of fun to ride! He rides out with or without company. No barn or buddy sourness. Dusty is perfect on the trails.  He will ride anywhere in a group and will absolutely go anywhere you point him. He crosses all types of water, fallen trees, and slippery rocks. He is safe in traffic and around atvs. If you are looking for a gorgeous, smooth, been there done that kind of guy, Dusty is your man!     

Shooters Shadow Shield 

Foaled 6/26/11            PSH # 20-1424           14.3H           Seasoned Trail Horse                $3900

Smooth gait like clockwork. Seasoned trail horse..  Steep hills, streams, underbrush, or down the road. 

Hanks Royal Cadillac 

5/19/11    PSH # 20-1425   15.2H     Seasoned Trail Horse   reduced to $3500  $6500 

OUTSTANDING Opportunity for a good horseman.  I don't know what happened to Hank between the time that this video was taken, and when he got here, but something did.  He has to build his trust back up in "his people" again.  He now has some small scars on both knees, and his shoulder.  I suspect they happened at the same time he lost his trust.  

Still one classy dude, with a super smooth gait and a nice canter.  Still one whale of a good ride, but doesn't trust you on the ground like he used to.  $3000 discount to the person who can bring him around to his former glory.  


Foaled 2013          15 H          Well Trained Trail Horse            $ 6800

Playboy is one special boy.  Very well trained, with a good quiet disposition, good looks, and well mannered.

Not only does Playboy have a very smooth intermediate gait, he has a solid trail walk, and a very nice canter.  Willing to move forward, but also happy to drop his head and take an easy walk down the trail.  He also neck reins.

Suitable for most any rider from adv. beginner to experienced.  You will both start and end the trail ride with a smile on this boy.

The Flash Man 

Foaled 4/6/14        SSH #1425112        15H        Experienced Trail Horse          $4900

Flash is a 6 year old 15 H National Spotted Saddle horse registered gelding.  He is an experienced trail horse going thru creeks, over logs, and thru brush with ease.  He has also been ridden down the busy highway safely.  Forward moving, but easily controlled with a nice trail walk.  Nice young gelding.


Foaled 2016          15.1H        Super trail horse and pleasure winner            $4800

This classy bay sabino 4 year old gelding is the hard to find kind.  Super true head shaking flat and running walk as well as a nice trail walk.  He is well gaited enough to be taking home the blues at the local fun shows in KY and TN.  He is also an experienced trail horse in the back woods and mountains.  Friendly, loves attention, quiet natured but not a dead head.   This boy will be special for years to come!


Foaled 7/15/17   SSH #1725061    14.1H    Gentle Trail and Pleasure Horse     $3900


Mares and Fillies


Foaled 2/1/07          15,1H          Extensive trail and camping experience          $4800

Black Hills Champagne Bay

Homozygous black AND Agouti with a Frame Overo Gene too!

born 6/4/08, TWH #20806348 (He's Black Hills Gold x Miner's Champagne Taste)15.2H  $3800

This beautiful lady is a broke trail horse 

Dream Weaver's Intern


Foaled 6/1/10    TWH # 21003881     (Black Hills Dream Weaver x An Attorney General)    $4500   


Foaled 2010      14.1H        Extremely gentle, well broke trail horse          $3900

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