Spring 2021 Foals Start to Arrive the End of April 

2021 COLTS

Sold - Congratulations Theresa Parker

Homozygous Tobiano and Black, Both 

Foaled 9/3/20     Miner's Final Magic x  A Chess Queen 

Chessies 20 colt HLF.JPG
Chessie and 20 colt.jpg


2020 COLTS

Cremello Colt 

May 28, 2020    (He's Got Designr Genes x Generatin Lucky Dreams)   $2200

Luckys 20 colt HR.JPG
Lucky and 20 colt W.jpg
Luckys 20 colt RW.jpg
Luckys 20 colt LW.jpg

King of Spots  

Homozygous for both Tobiano and Black

TWH # 22000028   Foaled Sept. 1, 2019   (Spotted Mountain Man x A Chess Queen)    $5000

King HRS.jpg
King R1.jpg
King HF.jpg

A hard to find individual.  I had planned to keep this colt as a stallion, but can't keep them all.  ROYALLY bred, friendly willing disposition, outstanding gait, and homozygous to boot.

King's sire is by the World renowned Spotted Alen Again, and out of a direct daughter of World Grand Champion Ebony's Mountain Man.  He has Spotted Alen's talent and his size seems to come from Mountain Man.  I expect him to mature between 15,3 and 16.1 hands.  King's dam is one of the few Spotted horses to place in the TWHBEA National Futurity.  This kind of pedigree just about never happens on a colt so young now days.

King is extremely friendly with a quiet disposition.  He loves attention, and follows me around hoping for a scratch or a pat.  This boy WALKS!  Show quality, but sturdy built for the mountains.

Not only is King homozygous for black, he is also homozygous for the tobiano spotting gene.  He can never produce a chestnut/sorrel foal, and 100% will be tobiano spotted.

This boy can take a farm far!

2020 Fillies

Buckskin Tobiano Filly 

Foaled May 3, 2020     (He's Got Designeenes x Miner's Pushy Bay Jose)    $2900 

Bay Jose 20 filly HF.JPG
PJs 20 filly w1.jpg
Bay Jose's 20 filly R.JPG
Bay Jose 20 filly HL.JPG

Buckskin Overo Filly 

Foaled May 7, 2020         (He's Got Designer Genes x Dreamin Santana Gold)        $ 2800

Tannas 20 filly L.JPG
Tannas 20 filly HL.JPG
Tannas filly w1.jpg
Tannas 20 filly HFA.JPG

Buckskin Filly 

Foaled May 17, 2020       (He's Got Designer Genes x Black Hills Grand Bay)       $2800

Grand Bays 20 filly HF.JPG
MVI_3783_Moment (2).jpg
Grand Bay and 20 filly.jpg
Grand Bays 20 filly dorsal stripe.JPG

Perlino Filly 

Homozygous Cream, Black, AND Agouti

Foaled June 5, 2020  (He's Got Designer Genes x Lance;s Hot Dream Spot)    $3000

Lacy's 20 filly HR.JPG
LAcy's 20 filly KL.JPG
Lacy's 20 filly R.JPG
LAcy's 20 fi9lly HL.JPG

Pixie's Honey 

Foaled 11/9/19    He's Got Designer Genes x All Mighty's Pixie Dust     Private Treaty

Pixie's Filly R.jpg
Pixie's filly HR.jpg
Pixie's Honey.JPG


2019 COLTS

All Available 2019 Colts Sold

Bourbon With Blues

Homozygous Classic Roan 

Slated to Join the Stallion Barn in 2022 

Foaled Aug. 7, 2019        TWH # 21901270      He's Silky Blue x Blue Tunes 

BB R.jpg
BB HR.jpg
BB L.jpg


Touch Blue Silk CCF

 Homozygous Roan

Foaled 5/28/19      He's Silky Blue x Touch Lady Blue      Classic Blue      Not For Sale

Touch Blue Silk L.JPG
Dragon's High Tan
Foaled April 20, 2019           (Pusher's Dragon Fire x Dreamin Santana Gold)            $3500
IMG_8722 (2).JPG
IMG_8717 (2).JPG
MVI_1223_Moment (2).jpg
IMG_8721 (2).JPG


2018 Colts

All 2018 Colts Sold


A Touch Black Hill Gold
Foaled May 2, 2018  TWH #21801220   (He's Black Hills Gold x Miner's Touch)     Private Treaty
IMG_2120 (2).JPG
IMG_2101 (2).JPG
MVI_7584_Moment (2).jpg
Congratulations Richard and Diane Breton, Bolt, WV
Foaled June 10, 2018   (He's Black Hills Gold x Miner's Tawney Pride)    $2800
Fancy Genes
Foaled June 28, 2018    (He's Got Designer Genes x Black Hills Fancy)    Private Treaty