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Spring 2022 Foals Start to Arrive the End of April 

All 2021 COLTS Sold


2021 Fillies

Perlino Filly 

Foaled April 24, 2021     (He's Got Designer Genes x Black Hills Touch of Gold)     $2500 

IMG_5387 (2).JPG
IMG_5401 (2).JPG
IMG_5992 (3).JPG
IMG_5999 (2).JPG

Flaxen Chestnut Filly 

SOLD   Congratulations Paula Bauer, Missoula, MT

Foaled May 5, 2021                      (Invisible Line x Oingo Boingo)                   Private Treaty

IMG_5984 (3).JPG
IMG_5981 (2).JPG
IMG_5982 (3).JPG
IMG_5978 (2).JPG

Palomino Filly 

Foaled May 9, 2021       (He's Got Designer Genes x All Mighty Pixie Dust)       $2800

IMG_5974 (2).JPG
IMG_5542 (3).JPG
IMG_5974 (3).JPG
IMG_5543 (2).JPG

Cremello Filly 

Foaled May 13, 2021  (He's Got Designer Genes x Miner's Oreo Magic)    $2500

IMG_6010 (2).JPG
IMG_6008 (3).JPG
IMG_6008 (2).JPG


2020 COLTS

Generatin Designer Dreams 

Well Started Under Saddle

May 28, 2020    (He's Got Designr Genes x Generatin Lucky Dreams)   $3200

Luckys 20 colt HR.JPG
Lucky and 20 colt W.jpg
Luckys 20 colt RW.jpg
Luckys 20 colt LW.jpg

2020 Fillies

Designer Pearls 

Homozygous Cream, Black, AND Agouti

Foaled June 5, 2020  (He's Got Designer Genes x Lance;s Hot Dream Spot)    $3500

Lacy's 20 filly HR.JPG
LAcy's 20 filly KL.JPG
Lacy's 20 filly R.JPG
LAcy's 20 fi9lly HL.JPG

Pixie's Honey 

Foaled 11/9/19    He's Got Designer Genes x All Mighty's Pixie Dust     Private Treaty

Pixie's Filly R.jpg
Pixie's filly HR.jpg
Pixie's Honey.JPG


2019 COLTS

All Available 2019 Colts Sold

Bourbon With Blues

Homozygous Classic Roan 

Slated to Join the Stallion Barn in 2022 

Foaled Aug. 7, 2019        TWH # 21901270      He's Silky Blue x Blue Tunes 

BB R.jpg
BB HR.jpg
BB L.jpg


Touch Blue Silk CCF

 Homozygous Roan

Foaled 5/28/19      He's Silky Blue x Touch Lady Blue      Classic Blue      Not For Sale

Touch Blue Silk L.JPG
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