Colts of 2020

King of Spots  

Homozygous for both Tobiano and Black

TWH #22000028  Foaled Sept.1, 2019 (Spotted Mountain Man x A Chess Queen)   $5000

Cremello Colt 

May 28, 2020    (He's Got Designr Genes x Generatin Lucky Dreams)   $2200

Fillies of 2020

Buckskin Tobiano Filly 

Foaled May 3, 2020     (He's Got Designeenes x Miner's Pushy Bay Jose)    $2800 

Buckskin Overo Filly 

Foaled May 7, 2020         (He's Got Designer Genes x Dreamin Santana Gold)        $ 2800

Buckskin Filly 

Foaled May 17, 2020       (He's Got Designer Genes x Black Hills Grand Bay)       $2500

Perlino Filly 

Homozygous Cream, Black, AND Agouti

Foaled June 5, 2020  (He's Got Designer Genes x Lance;s Hot Dream Spot)    $3000

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