If you see anything that you would like to see larger pictures of, or have more information on, please contact me.  I will happily answer your questions. 
 Horses are listed oldest to youngest.

Champagne May Girl

Congratulations Arlin Hope, Quincy, WA
Super Horse Winner, Youth Versatility  Champion, Dam of The Alchemist
TWH #948199              (Cornerstone x Champagne Heiress)           16.2 Hands    

Some Kind Of Grand
National Futurity Placed under saddle


Congratulations Debra Woodward Tomczak, Pinion Hills, CA
TWH #19910814, Foaled Oct., 4,1999   Big Bold & Gentle, Broke, Super Producer
(Grand Collection x Delight of Pride daughter)      15.3H       


Miner's Touch
TWH #20113187   Foaled May 27, 2001          Gentle, Well Gaited, super producer
(The Gold Miner x Spring Touch)   15 H   '19 smoky creme colt - for sale    Mare Not for sale


Chargers Merry Gal

Ebony Masterpiece Grand Daughter! 3/4 sister to WGC Masquerading

TWH # 20207968     Foaled April 20, 2002     Stunning  Dapple Grey

(Eb's Black Charger x Pusher's Merry Gal)   15.1 Hands   

Miner's Champagne Taste
TWH #20303023  Foaled March 19, 2003  BOTH parents National Versatility Champs         Not For Sale
(The Gold Miner x Champagnes May Girl)         16.3 Hands           

Dreamin Santana Gold
TWH #20414309  Foaled May 26, 2004         Palomino Overo                             Not for sale
(Black Hills Dream Weaver x Santana's Proud Mary  15H   Beautiful buckskin Overo 2020 Cinch filly for sale

Grand's Lady Pearl
TWH #20402666   Foaled April 21, 2004     Finished 3 Gait Youth Show and Trail Horse     Not For Sale
(The Grand Collection x Jewel's Choice Pearl)     15.1 Hands     Bred to Cinch for a '20 foal

Miner's Ramblin Babe
Congratulations Ron Paska, Kfar Neter, Israel
TWH #20511857     Foaled April 28, 2005     (The GoldMiner x I'm Magic)             15. Hands       $2,800

Oreo Dream
Congratulations Rene' Ruiz, La Paz, Mexico
TWH #20508869   Foaled May 22, 2005     (Black Hills Dream Weaver x Tallimissy Rhythm)     $2,800

Generatin Shocking Scores
TWH 20610012   Foaled March 22, 2006                                                                           $3,500
(Pusher's Big Score x Shockingly Generator)       17 H       

Lancelots Hot Dream Spot
TWH 20610013          Foaled October 8, 2006                                                                    $3,500
(Pusher's Sir Lancelot x Hot Spots Dream Girl)          16.1hands    


Gen's Merry Go Gold
TWH #207043359                    Foaled April 16, 2007                                                       $3,000
(Gen At Midnight x Miner's Black Magic)      15.2    

Black Hills Fancy
TWH #20704360               Foaled April 26, 2007                                      not for sale
(He's Black Hills Gold x Gens Golden Fancy)    15.1Hands    


Delightful Cajun Dream
TWH #20709401                               Foaled October 8, 2007                            $3,000
(Black Hills Dream Weaver x My Cajun Delight)        15.1 H    Beautiful '20 palomino filly by Cinch

All Mighty's Pixie Dust 

TWH # 21702112   (All Mighty Pride x Goldust Bit O'Honey FS)  15.3H   F- April 6, 2007              



Generatin Lucky Dreams
TWH #20806345                                          Foaled May 25, 2008                     Not for sale
(Black Hills Dream Weaver x Generators Lucky or What)        15.2     

She's Big Enough
TWH # 20806013          Foaled November 29, 2008             14.3 Hands           Not For Sale
(Daybreak's Paper Chase x All Mightys Amazing Grace)          Beautiful 19 buckskin Cinch filly


Black Hills Amarilo Grand
TWH # 20903157                                              Foaled 5/20/09                                       not for sale
(He's Black Hills Gold x Some Kind of Grand)           16. Hands          buckskin '19 Cinch colt - for sale

IMG_6422 (2).JPG
IMG_6361 (2).JPG

Black Hills Touch of Gold
TWH # 20903233                                 Foaled 6/2/09                                Not for Sale
(Black Hills Dream Weaver x Miner's Touch)         15 Hands      '

Miner's Oreo Magic
TWH #21001917                    Foaled May 2, 2010                                                            Not for Sale
(The Gold Miner x Star's Magic Shot)                        15 Hands     '19 buckskin Cinch filly - for sale


Miner's Tawny Pride
TWH #21003880                                  Foaled 5/10/10                                            Buckskin
(The Gold Miner x Midnights Magic Spell)        Perlino  2020 filly by "Buck"

Miner Pushy Seniorita
Congratulations Marilyn Dufresne, Pintendre (Lévis) Québec, Canada
TWH #21003877                    Foaled 6/1/10                Blue Eyed Buckskin                          $2,500
(The Gold Miner x Jose's Pushy Little Lady)

Weaver's Favorite Ritz
Full Sister to Kate Sousa's stud Luxury at the Ritz and World Champion Weaver's Luxury Dreamliner
TWH # 21300489                                             Foaled 4/21/13                                           Not for sale   
(Black Hills Dream Weaver x Luxury at the Ritz)    Extremely Talented Mare!   

Black Hills Grand Bay

TWH # 2140143030                              Foaled April 29, 2014                      Not For Sale 
(He's Black Hills Gold x Grand at Midnight)                         

Miner's Pushy Bay Jose

TWH # 21401428       Foaled May 5, 2014      (The Gold Miner x Jose's Pushy Little Lady)    Not For Sale.

Bay Jose HRW.jpg

Miner's Dark Gold


Congratulations Abdullah Al Janabi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

TWH # 21401425     Foaled April 26, 2014     (The Gold Miner x MG's Dark Woman)

May's Grand Millesime
TWH # 21600896                          Foaled April 13, 2016                                    Not For Sale
(He's Got Designer Genes x Champagne May Girl)       
Dam is Youth Nat. Versatility & Super Horse

Black Hills Camelot Dream
 Foaled June 5, 2016        (He's Black Hills Gold x Lance's Hot Dream Spot)         Not for sale

Fancy Genes
Foaled June 28, 2018    (He's Got Designer Genes x Black Hills Fancy)    Private Treaty