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After MANY years as a breeder, I am at an age that I just can't do it all anymore.  As a result, I have reluctantly come to the decision that I must seriously downsize the herd.  A number of mares available that have never been priced before, as well as one of the Nation's top perlino stallions all looking for new pastures.

If you see anything that you would like to see larger pictures of, or have more information on, please contact me.  I will happily answer your questions. 
Horses are listed oldest to youngest.

Champagne May Girl

Congratulations Arlin Hope, Quincy, WA
Super Horse Winner, Youth Versatility  Champion, Dam of The Alchemist
TWH #948199              (Cornerstone x Champagne Heiress)           16.2 Hands    

Some Kind Of Grand
National Futurity Placed under saddle


Congratulations Debra Woodward Tomczak, Pinion Hills, CA
TWH #19910814, Foaled Oct., 4,1999   Big Bold & Gentle, Broke, Super Producer
(Grand Collection x Delight of Pride daughter)      15.3H       


Miner's Touch

SOLD - Congratulations Dr Alison Brendel DVM
TWH #20113187   Foaled May 27, 2001          Gentle, Well Gaited, super producer
(The Gold Miner x Spring Touch)                      15 H                    Exposed to BB for '23 foal                $800


Chargers Merry Gal


Ebony Masterpiece Grand Daughter! 3/4 sister to WGC Masquerading

TWH # 20207968     Foaled April 20, 2002     Stunning  Dapple Grey

(Eb's Black Charger x Pusher's Merry Gal)   15.1 H   "22 filly still available  $2500

Miner's Champagne Taste
TWH #20303023  Foaled March 19, 2003  BOTH parents National Versatility Champs         $950
(The Gold Miner x Champagnes May Girl)         16.3 Hands           

Dreamin Santana Gold

SOLD - Congratulations Dan & Kathy Eller, Newman Lk, WA
TWH #20414309  Foaled May 26, 2004         Palomino Overo                             $2200
(Black Hills Dream Weaver x Santana's Proud Mary  15H  

Grand's Lady Pearl

SOLD  Congratulations Lindsey Rasmussen Gross, Cd'A, ID
TWH #20402666   Foaled April 21, 2004     Finished 3 Gait Youth Show and Trail Horse 
(The Grand Collection x Jewel's Choice Pearl)     15.1 Hands     '22 buckskin filly at side     $3500 w filly

Miner's Ramblin Babe
Congratulations Ron Paska, Kfar Neter, Israel
TWH #20511857     Foaled April 28, 2005     (The GoldMiner x I'm Magic)             15. Hands       $2,800

Oreo Dream
Congratulations Rene' Ruiz, La Paz, Mexico
TWH #20508869   Foaled May 22, 2005     (Black Hills Dream Weaver x Tallimissy Rhythm)     $2,800

Generatin Shocking Scores
TWH #20610012     March 22, 2006       (Pusher's Big Score x Shockingly Generator)         17 H      $2500   

Lancelots Hot Dream Spot
TWH 20610013        Foaled Oct. 8, 2006       Exposed to BB for'23 foal, believed in foal    $4800
(Pusher's Sir Lancelot x Hot Spots Dream Girl)          16.1hands


Gen's Merry Go Gold

TWH #207043359        (Gen At Midnight x Miner's Black Magic)       15.2H     April 16, 2007         $2500

Black Hills Fancy
TWH #20704360     April 26, 2007      (He's Black Hills Gold x Gens Golden Fancy)    15.1Hands    $2800


Delightful Cajun Dream
TWH #20709401                               Foaled October 8, 2007                            $4,000
(Black Hills Dream Weaver x My Cajun Delight)        15.1 H    Bred to Burbon with Blues for '23

All Mighty's Pixie Dust 

TWH # 20702112   (All Mighty Pride x Goldust Bit O'Honey FS)  15.3H   F- April 6, 2007              



Generatin Lucky Dreams
TWH #20806345                                          Foaled May 25, 2008                     $3500
(Black Hills Dream Weaver x Generators Lucky or What)        15.2     

She's Big Enough
TWH # 20806013          Foaled November 29, 2008             14.3 Hands           $3500
(Daybreak's Paper Chase x All Mightys Amazing Grace)         Bred to Miner's Final Magic for '23 foal


Black Hills Amarilo Grand
TWH # 20903157                                              Foaled 5/20/09                                       not for sale
(He's Black Hills Gold x Some Kind of Grand)           16. Hands

IMG_6422 (2).JPG
IMG_6361 (2).JPG

Black Hills Touch of Gold
TWH # 20903233                                 Foaled 6/2/09                                $3800
(Black Hills Dream Weaver x Miner's Touch)         15 Hands      '

Miner's Oreo Magic
TWH #21001917                    Foaled May 2, 2010                                                            Not for Sale
(The Gold Miner x Star's Magic Shot)                        15 Hands    Bred to Cinch for '23 foal


Miner's Tawny Pride
TWH #21003880            5/10/10             (The Gold Miner x Midnights Magic Spell)        

Miner Pushy Seniorita
Sold - Congratulations Marilyn Dufresne, Pintendre (Lévis) Québec, Canada
TWH #21003877                    Foaled 6/1/10                Blue Eyed Buckskin
(The Gold Miner x Jose's Pushy Little Lady)

Weaver's Favorite Ritz
Full Sister to Kate Sousa's stud Luxury at the Ritz and World Champion Weaver's Luxury Dreamliner
TWH # 21300489                                             Foaled 4/21/13        Bred to BB for '23   
(Black Hills Dream Weaver x Luxury at the Ritz)    Extremely Talented Mare!   

Black Hills Grand Bay

TWH # 2140143030        April 29, 2014         (He's Black Hills Gold x Grand at Midnight)      Not For Sale 

Miner's Pushy Bay Jose

TWH # 21401428    May 5, 2014     (The Gold Miner x Jose's Pushy Little Lady)    Bred to Cinch for '23.

Bay Jose HRW.jpg

Miner's Dark Gold

SOLD - Congratulations Abdullah Al Janabi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

TWH # 21401425     Foaled April 26, 2014     (The Gold Miner x MG's Dark Woman)

May's Grand Millesime
TWH # 21600896                          Foaled April 13, 2016                                    Not For Sale
(He's Got Designer Genes x Champagne May Girl)       
Dam is Youth Nat. Versatility & Super Horse

Black Hills Camelot Dream
 Foaled June 5, 2016        (He's Black Hills Gold x Lance's Hot Dream Spot)         Not for sale

Home Run Girl (Jazmine) 

5/6/18      TWHBEA #21802169      15H      She's a Rock Star.  Watch her Video       $12,500

Jasmine n G R.jpg
Jasmine HndA.jpg
Jasmine n J gait.jpg
Jasmine R2.jpg
Jasmine n G FA.jpg
Jasmine Stream hug.jpg
Jasmine R.jpg
Jasmine LA (2).jpg
Jasmine L.jpg
Fancy Genes
Foaled June 28, 2018    (He's Got Designer Genes x Black Hills Fancy)    Private Treaty

Touch Blue Silk CCF

 Homozygous Roan

Foaled 5/28/19     He's Silky Blue x Touch Lady Blue     Bred to "Finn"    Not For Sale

Touch Blue Silk L.JPG
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