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The Gold Miner
Supreme National Versatility Champion

The Gold Miner is the Worlds First Tobiano spotted Tennessee Walking Horse to Ever earn the TWHBEA title of Supreme National Versatility Champion.  According to Sis Osborne of the TWHBEA the Supreme is the "Highest honor a flat shod Tennessee Walker can earn" 

Miner has earned the National Versatility High Point Championship in Model (halter) and  Pleasure Driving.  He has earned National Versatility top 10's in English pleasure, Western Pleasure (3-gait) Trail Obstacle, Water Glass Class and Barrel Racing.  He was also top 5 at the Spotted World show in Jr. Model and Lite Shod Driving at 2 yrs.
    Miner was the mount of choice by my trainer, Michelle Webler, for her daughters first lead line class.  Katrina was only 11 months old.
Miner not only has a dark golden palomino base coat, he carries both the tobiano and overo spotting pattern genes.  He produces nearly 90% color from solid colored mares.  He does NOT carry either of the blood factors linked to NI foals.
Miners foals have his great disposition, trainability, athletic ability, and as icing on the cake usually carry one or more of his color genes.
Stud Fee:  $400 LFG
Colored foal guarantee available

He's Black Hills Gold
Supreme National Versatility Champion
He's Black Hills Gold known as "Buck" is the First Buckskin stallion in the history of the Walking Horse to EVER earn the Supreme National Versatility Championship.
He is an extremely impressive dark metalic dappled buckskin with lots of talent and presence.  He has earned the TWHBEA High Point Versatility Championship in Western Riding (Pattern Class) and the TWHEBEA Reserve High Point Championship in Reining.  Most of his points in Reining were earned against Quarter Horses and Paints
Buck has earned TWHBEA National top 10 Versatility Awards in Model (halter), English Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Trail Obstacle, and Water Glass Class.  He has also won Super Horse High point awards.
Buck's foals usually have his athletic talent, deep striding hind end, and trainability.  They have his fantastic head and eyes, and often his golden coat. Buck babies have won Futurities, many flat shod championships, and 2 of them are among the top perlino and cremello sires in the Nation.  They make fearless, super smooth trail companions.
.Stud Fee:  $400

Black Hills Dream Weaver
I only have room for 3 stallions, and I can't sell one of my old men.                 $ 2,500
Cremello Tovero

Black Hills Dream Weaver is a cremello tovero son of Supreme National Versatility Champion He's Black Hills Gold, and is out of a 1/2 sister to Supreme National Versatility Champion The Gold Miner. Never shown due to an injury as a yearling, he started his careed as a sire with a bang.  His foals are OUTSTANDING!!!!
Weaver is a true cremello with 2 cremello genes and no black gene.  He carries both the tobiano spotting gene and the overo spotting gene.  He has the talent and athletic ability of his sire and maternal 1/2 brother, but provides an even higher percentage of color to his foals.  Foals out of chestnut mares are 100% guaranteed to have a palomino base coat,  with a 75% probability of spots.
 Stud Fee:  $400 LFG
Colored foal guaranteed except for black mares

 Designer Genes
Color Genetics:  Ee/AA/CrCr
Perlino stallion guaranteed Buckskin (75%) or Palomino foals with non dilute mares
(Travelers Moon Frost x Generatin Gold Knockout)      2012 Perlino stallion
Cinch was bred in Montana,  where they use their Walkers on the ranch. He was raised in Missouri on another working ranch. 
Cinch is a perlino with lots of head shake and over stride, but no pace. He has superb conformation and he has one great ground covering gait. He has been colored tested at UC Davis and Cinch is Ee/AA/CrCr. His foals will always be buckskin or palomino when bred to non-dilute mares. He is one of the last foals and is the only perlino son by Travelers Moon Frost.  Cinch has old time breeding. He goes back to Roy Roger's Trigger Jr. twice on her sire's side (Allen's Gold Zephyr). His dam's side goes back to the great horse The Pride Piper and Tennessee Goldust. We expect great things from this wonderful colt. He truly is one of kind.
Color, gait, and disposition are a "Cinch" with Designer Genes!
His 1st Foal has arrived! Photo's on day 1
Stud Fee:  $400 LCFG

Gen at Midnight
World Grand Champion and Horse of the Year
Congratulations Chip and Jared Carrier; Franklin, KY