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If you see anything that you would like to see larger pictures of, or have more information on, please contact me.  I will happily answer your questions.  
 Horses are listed oldest to youngest.

Shockingly Generator
Congratulations Rosalyn Rashing, Colville, WA
TWH #915937      Foaled May 12, 1991             Royaly bred top producer       
(Prides Generator x Shocker's Sonnet)                16 Hands        Exposed to Dream Weaver for 2018 foal                   $ 750

My Cajun Delight
World Placed, National Futurity Place & TWHBEA Mare of Year Listed
TWH #935580   Foaled Oct. 24, 1993      TWHBEA Broodmare of Year list, Toone Trained        
(Delight of Pride x Supreme of Delight)              14.2 Hands                                                     Not for Sale
Buckskin "Cinch" daughter in '17, bred back to Cinch for '18

Star's Magic Shot
TWH #944840  Foaled April 25, 1994       Foundation Spotted Mare, PRODUCER!!                Not for sale
(Rock A Billy Bob x Delightful Mary)    14.3 Hands     Buckskin tobiano/overo "Miner" Colt in 2017
                                                                                         Exposed to Cinch for a foal of '18
Direct daughter of multiple World Grand Champion producing sire "Rock A Billy Bob" and out of a direct daughter of World Grand Champion "Delight of Pride".   I have had her since she was a yearling, and she was the first horse I brought home from Tennessee with me.  She has been FANTASTIC for me!!
  '10 filly   '11 colt 

Champagne May Girl
Congratulations Arlin Hope, Quincy, WA
Super Horse Winner, Youth Versatility  Champion, Dam of The Alchemist
TWH #948199   Foaled 1994             Outstanding producer                                                     $ 750
(Cornerstone x Champagne Heiress)           16.2 Hands   exposed to Cinch for '18 foal

Pebble Beach
International and World Producer
TWH #9610344,  Foaled April 4, 1996,  World Class Producer, broke  exposed to Designer Genes for '17 foal 
(Coin's Hard Cash x Maneater)                 15 Hands          
2017 buckskin Cinch colt (sold) exposed to Cinch for '18                            Not For Sale

Direct daughter of World Grand Champion Coins Hard Cash and out of a direct daughter of Man of Pride.   Born and raised at the renown Central Georgia Equine Services which is where Prides Generator stood for his last days.  While he was there he was bred to Pebbles and the foal produced earned both International and World ties.  She has continued her outstanding production ways here at Reinbeau Ranch.  NICE mare, and nice to have around,.

Broke to ride, but it has been many years since she was saddled.

I'm Magic
Congratulations Jenny Steiner, Blanchard, ID
TWH #9711593    Foaled April 12, 1997            Quiet Natured, Gentle                                               $1,500 
(Merry Go Rambler x Star's Magic Shot)      14.3 Hands                  

MG's Dark Woman
Congratulations Brenda Beam, Prineville, OR
World Placed Producer
TWH #983629  Foaled April 20, 1998  Gorgeous MG mare, 1st foal WORLD Placed               $750
(Gen's Major General x Prowler's Pretty Woman)      15 Hands         exposed to The Gold Miner for a '18 foal

An Attorney General
National Futurity, World & International Producer
TWH #983883             Foaled May 29, 1998                     WOW! Dam of MGM GRAND!!!!!                      $2800
(Gen's Major General x Marks Sweet Threat)          15 Hands                
'17 palomino medicine hat tovero filly sold              Exposed to Dream Weaver for '18 foal

Ultra's Misty Mornin
WORLD Champion 3 yr old & Multiple RWC!!  Also WC Producer!
Congratulations Marcia Larson, Ellensburg, WA
TWH # 19914166;  SSHBEA #9902633;  NSSHA #9916954       Foaled May 13, 1999                         $3500
(Ultra's Spotted Pride x Rock N Roll Winter Mist)              15 Hands
Midnights Magic Spell
TWH #19901956            Foaled April 14, 1999           Big Black Beauty, Gentle, Bred, broke       Mare Not for Sale 
(Gen At Midnight x Rain's Magic Spell)          15.3 Hands      Exposed to Cinch for '18 foal               

Santana's Proud Mary
Congratulations Nicole Dunn, Bonners Ferry, ID
TWH # 9913420    Foaled April 20, 1999     Flaxen Chestnut beauty, Gentle                         $2,800
(Generator's Santana x Market's Fashion H.V.)     15.1 Hands          

Some Kind Of Grand
National Futurity Placed
TWH #19910814, Foaled Oct., 4,1999   Big Bold & Gentle, Broke, Super Producer           Not For Sale
(Grand Collection x Delight of Pride daughter)      15.3H            Black Buck colt in '17

Black Hills Shadow Dancer
FULL Sister to Black Hills Dream Weaver!
Congratulations Adrienne Willett, Greenfield, MO
TWH # 19912411             Foaled October 6, 1999        OUTSTANDING PRODUCER!           $2,200
(He's Black Hills Gold x Hot Spots Dream Girl)      14.3 Hands   
Star's Masquarade
Congratulations Kate Sousa, Huson, MT
TWH 20009105     SSH 10201953    Foaled May 16, 2000    Show, Pleasure & broodmare    $3,500
(Masquerading x Seeing Stars)                 15 Hands

Dollar's Pushy Woman
WORLD Placed Pleasure Driving, English and Western
World Placed Producer as well
Congratulations Debra Woodward, Pinion Hills, CA
TWH #200006314                             Foaled April 27 2000                                          $4,500
(Generator's Silver Dollar x Pushin Mama)      15.1 Hands      Ex[posed to Cinch for a 2017 Foal
Luxury at the Ritz
TWH #20008561     Foaled April 25, 2000                                               Mare Not for Sale               
(He's Puttin On The Ritz x Favorites Kortney)    15.1 Hands      OUTSTANDING Palomino Tovero colt by Dream Weaver in '17 bred to Dream Weaver for '18
Direct daughter of the Great Many time World Grand Champion and World Grand Champion Sire He's Puttin On The Ritz!! ($5,000 STUD FEE).  She is out of a direct daughter of Prides Favorite and her 2nd dam is by Prides Gold Coin.  Luxey is a beautiful young mare that has produced a couple OUTSTANDING foals.  She is also a maternal 1/2 sister to 2 TOP Lite Shod horses.  Luxey is a natural smooth mover with a great hind end and free shoulder.   Her palomino filly by Dream Weaver is one of the best of the year.   Take a look at Weaver on the Stallions page as well as some of his foals.  Foundation Mare Deluxe!!
 '10 filly  '07 colt    Picture'14 filly

Generator's Last Sundrop

Full Sister to Generators Sundrop; From Generators LAST crop of foals
TWH # 20003485             Foaled June 1. 2000         Super Sweet, and a Super Producer         
(Prides Generator x Ebony's High Lady S)     14.3 Hands                                                                                       $3,800
Palomino minimal white overo '17 filly  by Miner (Sold)  Exposed to Cinch for a foal of 2018



Miner's Touch
TWH #20113187   Foaled May 27, 2001          Gentle, Well Gaited, super producer
(The Gold Miner x Spring Touch)        15 Hands                                                                                   Mare  Not for sale
exposed to Buck for a 2018 foal

Promises to Ditto
Congratulations Connie Kissell, Grass Valley, CA
TWH #20202451    Foaled 4/5/02      Flashy Flaxen chestnut, outstanding producer          $2,500
(Broken Promises x Alice in Chains)            15 Hands            

Independent Spirit S
Well Broke Trail Horse
Congratulations Diane Wikse, Eagle ID
TWH # 20315322                Foaled March 14, 2003                                              
(Spirits One Night Stand x Independent Replica)              16 hands

Miner's Champagne Taste
TWH #20303023  Foaled March 19, 2003  BOTH parents National Versatility Champs           Not For Sale
(The Gold Miner x Champagnes May Girl)         16.3 Hands             Exposed to Buck for a foal of 2018 


Alen's Cheyenne Queen
Congratulations Connie Kissell, Grass Valley, CA
TWH #20303610              Foaled June 5, 2003       Dark Buckskin tobiano                           $2,800
(Spotted Alen Again x Illusive's Favorite Lady)        14.2 Hands      

Jose's Pushy Little Lady
TWH #20310900  Foaled July 19, 2003        Royally bred black bay, talented         not for sale
(Jose' Jose' x Will She Push)              15.1 Hands     
exposed to Cinch for a foal of 2018

Dreamin Santana Gold
TWH #20414309  Foaled May 26, 2004         Palomino Overo                             Not for sale
(Black Hills Dream Weaver x Santan's Proud Mary     15 Hands           
2017 buckskin Cinch (He's Got Designer Genes) colt

Miner's Ramblin Babe
Congratulations Ron Paska, Kfar Neter, Israel
TWH #20511857     Foaled April 28, 2005         Extremely classy, well gaited, gentle       $2,800
(The GoldMiner x I'm Magic)             15. Hands

Oreo Dream
Congratulations Rene' Ruiz, La Paz, Mexico
TWH #20508869     Foaled May 22, 2005     Smoky, extremely talented and gentle        $2,800
(Black Hills Dream Weaver x Tallimissy Rhythm)     15 Hands

Generatin Shocking Scores
TWH 20610012   Foaled March 22, 2006                                                                           $3,500
(Pusher's Big Score x Shockingly Generator)       17 H        Palomino tovero Black Hills Dream Weaver 2017 filly, bred back   

Lancelots Hot Dream Spot
TWH 20610013          Foaled October 8, 2006                                                                    $3,500
(Pusher's Sir Lancelot x Hot Spots Dream Girl)          16.1hands              

Sweet Dreams Generation
Congratulations Patty Krebs, Bonnie Lake, WA

TWH #20610011          Foaled October 3, 2006.               15.3 Hands                                                          $3,500

Black Hills Dream Weaver x Generators Pin Up (FULL sister to Black Rain)     WELL BROKE, finished trail horse


Gen's Merry Go Gold

TWH #207043359                    Foaled April 16, 2007                                                       $3,000

(Gen At Midnight x Miner's Black Magic)      15.2                         


Weavers Golden Promise


Congratulations Kate Sousa, Huson, MT

TWH #20704362        Foaled May 10, 2007                                                                      $3,000

(Black Hills Dream Weaver x Promises to Dito)        15 H

Black Hills Fancy

TWH #20704360               Foaled April 26, 2007                                      not for sale

(He's Black Hills Gold x Gens Golden Fancy)    15.1Hands    Exposed to Cinch for a 2018 foal


 Delightful Cajun Dream
TWH #20709401                               Foaled October 8, 2007                            $3,000
(Black Hills Dream Weaver x My Cajun Delight)        15.1 Hands     Picture 

Shocking Dream
Congratulations Lillian Dallas, Mead, WA
TWH #20709404                                   Foaled October 8, 2007                                      
(Black Hills Dream Weaver X Shockingly Generator)          15.3


 Generatin Lucky Dreams

TWH #20806345                                          Foaled May 25, 2008                                  

(Black Hills Dream Weaver x Generators Lucky or What)                  15.3                          Not for sale

Exposed to Cinch for a 2018 foal



Rebel's Cash
World Champion & Res. World Grand Champion
Congratulations Mainard Larson, Ellensburg, WA
TWH #20900993; SSHBEA # 10900330: NSSHA #920279            Foaled March 29, 2009
(Alens Johnny Reb x Extra Dolled Up)     15 Hands
Black Hills Amarilo Grand 
TWH # 20903157                                              Foaled 5/20/09                                       not for sale
(He's Black Hills Gold x Some Kind of Grand)                 16. Hands
Exposed to Cinch for a 2018 foal
Black Hills Touch of Gold
TWH # 20903233                                 Foaled 6/2/09                                                   
(Black Hills Dream Weaver x Miner's Touch)                   15 Hands                     Not for Sale
Cinch (He's Got Designer Genes) Palomino filly in '17, bred to Cinch for '18

 Miner's Oreo Magic 
TWH #21001917                    Foaled May 2, 2010                                                            Not for Sale
(The Gold Miner x Star's Magic Shot)                        15 Hands     Exposed to Buck for 2018 foal

Weaver's Solid Gold Ritz
Congratulations Diana Birge, Airway Heights, WA
TWH 21001908                                   Foaled 5/6/10                                                  $2500
(Black Hills Dream Weaver x Luxury at the Ritz) 

Dream Weavers Intern
TWH #21003881                                  Foaled 6/1/10                                             $3200
(Black Hills Dream Weaver x An Attorney General)

Miner's Tawny Pride
TWH #21003880                                  Foaled 5/10/10                                           Solid Buckskin
(The Gold Miner x Midnights Magic Spell)                                        Not for Sale

Miner Pushy Seniorita
Congratulations Marilyn Dufresne, Pintendre (Lévis) Québec, Canada
TWH #21003877                    Foaled 6/1/10                Blue Eyed Buckskin                          $2,500
(The Gold Miner x Jose's Pushy Little Lady)

Ott's Santana Babe
TWH # 21004593                    Foaled October 20, 2010       14.3 H                                     $3200
(Gen's Double Ott Buck x Dreamin Santana Gold)       bred to Cinch for '18

Ott To Be My Magic


 Congratulations Liz Miller, Kendrick, ID

 TWH #21104080                     Foaled 1/14/11                                                     $2800

(Gen's Double Ott Buck x I'm Magic)                           


Black Hills Touch O'Pearl
 TWH #  21104057                          Foaled 5/3/11       16 Hands                                            $2,500
Perlinio Tobiano       (He's Black Hills Gold x Miner's Touch)        '17 Perlino Cinch colt

Weaver's Favorite Promise

TWH # 21104064                              Foaled 5/30/11                                     Not for Sale
Palomino Tobiano  (Black Hills Dream Weaver x Promises to Dito)
'17 Cinch (He's Got Designer Genes) Perlino tobiano colt

Weaver's Favorite Ritz 
Full Sister to Kate Sousa's stallion "Luxury at the Ritz"
TWH # 21300489                                             Foaled 4/21/13                                                                  
(Black Hills Dream Weaver x Luxury at the Ritz)          Extremely Talented Filly!          Not for sale
 Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture