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Tennessee Walking Horses: Where color and quality go hand in hand

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Sundowner Horse Trailer
Halters, leads, lunge lines, brushes, grooming tools, stall forks
Eagle PremiumTriple Ply
Premium nylon webbing features a crown with brilliant brass finish eyelets for easy adjustment and brilliant brass finish tip.  Rolled throat strap.  Made to last.  Available with or without panic snap at throat.  Brilliant brass finish hardware throughout.  Fusia, black, neon green, purple, pink Royal blue, red, hunter green, burgundy, and navy.
#50-900HX     Horse, panic snap     $14.95              # 50-905HX     Horse, less snap       $13.95
#50-900LHX   LG Horse, w/snap      $15.95              #50-905LHX   LG Horse, no snap     $15.95
#50-900YX     Yearling, panic snap   $14.95              #50-905YX     Yearling, less snap    $13.95
                                                                             #50-905CX     Colt, less snap          $  9.95

2 ply stable halter
Strong nylon 2 ply 1" web. Brilliant brass finish hardware throughout. Snap at throat, buckle at crown.
Purple, black, royal blue, hunter green, red, brown, or red white and blue. 
Horse, Yearling or Pony size.  Please specify color and size.       #50-1701  Horse           $8.95
                                                                                                               Pony           $7.95

Adjustable Suckling Halter
Fully Adjustable for newborn or browing baby. Adjustments at crown, nose  & throat.  3 ply cheeks, 2 ply 3/4" elsewhere.  Pink, light blue, royal blue or red    #50-1602         $4.95

Leads, Lunge Lines & Trailer Ties
Pro Braided Cotton Lead
Soft natural 3/4" braided cotton professionally made for constant use.  Easy on the the hands.  10 ft. long, Easy open trigger bull brass finish snap.
Black, red, navy, white, hunter green, neon green, fucia, purple, pink or burgundy. 
#51-1024     $12.00

Heavy, Cotton Lead
  Heavy, cotton braided lead with brilliant brass finished triggerbull shap. 3/4" x 8 1/2 ft.  Red, blue, green, burgundy, white, neon green, fucia, pink, purple and black,             #51-1018        $8.95
Safety Shock 9 ft. Lead
  Strong braided poly 5/8" rope.  Bungee cord section first 2'.  Absorbs tension when horse pulls or panics!  Brilliant brass finish Triggerbull snap. 9 ft.        Red, blue, green, purple, fuchia, neon green, or black.        #52-990          $11.95
German Cord Cotton Lunge Line
  Heavy ribbed cotton webbing that is easy to grip and comfortable to the hands.  Reinforced stitching with rubber hand stopper at the end.  Brilliant triggerbull brass finish snap. 25' long.
Red, navy, green, black, burgundy, purple, neon green, fucia, pink or natural.   #52-2036    $11.00

Safety Shock 25' Lunge Line
  Strong 5/6" braided poly rope with bungee cord section first 3'.  Brilliant brass finish Triggerbull snap. 25'.  Red, blue, green, purple, fuchsia, neon green, or black                 #52-993          $21.00

Rope Trailer Tie
  Braided 5/8" heavy cotton rope w/panic snap & brass finish Triggerbull.  30".  Purple, red, royal blue, white, hunter green, black.          #52-2010      $9.00 

Safety Shock Flat Trailer Tie
  Polyester bungee core center with nylon outer shell.  Tested to 7000 lbs psi.  Flat 1 3/8" width.  Brilliant brass finish Triggerbull snap on one end, panic snap on opposite end.  29"  Red, blue, black or hunter green.                              #52-884           


Rubber Grip Poly Bristle Brush
Poly Bristle Brush with soft rubber covered hand grip to make grooming easier on the hands.
Blue, Green, Red, Burgundy, Pink and Purple.  All with white accent.              #68-7610          $5.50
Large Rubber Curry Comb
  Flexible Rubber Curry w/rubber handle  Red, Blue, Green, Black, Pink and Purple
                                                                                                           #68-24418           $3.00
Shedding Blade
 Double tempered, stainless steel groomng blade held in place with a steel retaining loop.  Amazingly strong yet flexible.  Finely toothed to remove matted hair leaving the undercoat smooth and slick.                            #68-479                 $5.95

Large Animal Comb
  Heavy polymar dressing comb for mane & tail, 8 1/2" long.   Colors Available: Purple, yellow, black, blue, red and green   #68-5330      $ .99

Round Polymar Curry
  Fits in the palm of the hand.    #68-24402         $ .99